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54 Home Remedies for Coughs

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Magic tea

Add tea leaves, half inch ginger, lemon juice ( fresh is best), one spoonful honey and salt and pepper to boiling water and steep for 10mins. Then drink.
April 19 2014

Anonymous from Anonymous

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Oregano tea for dry cough

Boil oregano leaves dry or fresh and drink the tea. It will calm a dry cough. It is better alone, but can be flavored with honey or stevia. Prayer helps also.
March 31 2014

Brian from Rosarito, Bcn Mexico

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Babs ade

4 spoonful of red oil mix with sugar. Take it every 4 hrs.
March 08 2014

Babs Ade from Dublin

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Tea remedy

Put ginger and turmeric into black tea. You feel easy.
January 13 2014


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Boil some tulsi leaves. Pour it in a glass, add some honey drink thrice a day. You'll get relief.
December 16 2013

Akash from Gurdaspur

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Instant dry cough remedy

1. Mash a little bit of ginger (one inch piece) 2. Extract juice from it 3. Mix it in one spoon of honey Have it and you will definitely notice the difference...And you will be relieved from dry cough.
December 10 2013

Purni from Las Vegas, Usa

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Warm water remedy

Early morning boil a glass of water add a pinch of salt and turmeric to it and gargle the mixture.
December 05 2013

Richa from Mumbai

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Home remidy for cough due to heat

Add little bit red stone sugar(kempu kallu sakkare in kannada) powder with hot milk and have it before going to bed at night time. With in two days you will get relief from cough.
December 03 2013

Malini from Bangalore

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Take a piece of clove and chew it but don't eat it, it will give immediate relief.
November 25 2013

Rajesh Sureka from Chennai

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Vicks salve

When you have a bad cough, take boiling water and add a tablespoon of Vicks to the water. Use a towel to cover your head and let the Vicks and water do the work. Also apply to your feet, wear socks... This has helped my husband through pneumonia!
November 20 2013
Vicks salve
Brandi from Huntsville, AL

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Granpa's remedy

Get some maple syrup and baking soda mix it and it helps a lot I wouldn't stop coughing so he made some and it worked. I'm not sure but you might wanna only take a spoonful.
October 31 2013

Samantha from New Mexico

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Garlic and milk

Take 3-4 cloves of garlic and boil it in milk for a few minutes. Umm The taste might be weird but it works wonderfully.
October 23 2013

Steve Johnson from Florida

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