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54 Home Remedies for Coughs

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Cough relief

Eat a handful of golden raisins It helps in combating dry cough.
March 08 2017

Deepa from Bengaluru ,India

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Instant relief from cough

Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder in one glass milk and drink twice a day.
February 23 2016

Tushar Baid from Bihar

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Cough releif

Boil water with some ginger, ajwain seeds and Tulsi leaves for at least 10 minutes, squeeze some lemon, few drops(if you have bad sore throat avoid lemon) and add few drops of honey, Drink it when it is luke warm. Rub Vicks on soles and wear socks all the time... Relieves cold. Add some vicks to boiling water and take steam to relieve stuffy nose. Add 1 tb spoon salt and a pinch of baking powder in to warm water... Gargle at night time ....Helps in sore throat and burning pain in throat. Not guaranteed that all or some will work on all people but this definitely helps me
January 12 2016

Np from Canada

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if you have a bad cough and a sore throat take a half to a full once of jagermeister as needed stops the sore throat and cough within five minutes.
June 10 2015

Mazerin from Ohio

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Take black pepper and add(karpuravalli)4pieces and mix with honey. It will be sudden home remedy for cough.
May 17 2015
Thamilkani from Chennai

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Boil 1 cup of water, stone salt 1 TABLE SPOON MIX with it gargle twice a day HELP YOU!!
March 26 2015

Manjula from Trichy, tamil Nadu, india

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I just tried musard

I have suffered all day with severe heartburn and I'm out of my medicine. I tried vinegar and it didn't work. I'm out of baking soda which always works. I don't know how many Tums I have taken today but they seem to make the heartburn worse so I tried the web and found this site. I Read about the mustard and took a tsp and within 5 minutes I am heartburn free.
January 25 2015

Susan from Massaschusetts

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Cough remedies

Take a quarter of an onion keep some jaggery and chew on it to get rid of phlegm. 5 cloves of Garlic sauteed in ghee should be consumed or added to soups or dals to get relief from cough.
December 31 2014

Komal from Mumbai

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Persistent cough

I mix cinnamon stick half, to two cloves + ginger extract quarter spoon! Boil one cup water with the ingredients till only half cup of water is remaining. Drink it sip by sip. Repeat thrice a day. Your cough will disappear in a week.
December 17 2014
Persistent cough
Prem from Mumbai, India

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Home remedy for cough

One glass of warm milk and 1 teaspoon of turmeric drink at night. Also two teaspoon of turmeric and three teaspoon of honey twice a day, these are our traditional medicines for cough.
November 01 2014

Mrs. George from Kuwait

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Delicious ayurvedic masala milk..

Heat milk very hot(2 cups of milk)..Meanwhile put 15 raisins, 5 almonds, 5 pistachios, 5 cashewnuts, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, 2 teaspoons honey, freshly ground - 3pcs. of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and 2-3 shreads of kesar into the juicer bowl, add half inch of ginger to it deskinned, now pour 2 cups of milk into the mixture in the juicer and let them blend well for a minute.
Drink the warm preparation for immediate relief repeat if necessary at intervals, the ingredients and the preparation gives you instant relief while you don't feel sick drinking it too..
November 01 2014

Vivan from Thane

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Mr. Urvesh Patel

Use Yashti Madhu( Jethi Madh) powder for instant relieve.
August 02 2014

CD from VEV

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