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Everything but the kitchen sink!

I have been getting cold sores since I was a kid. I'm 43 now. A few months ago, I started using lemon on them. It worked great! They wouldn't even really form. But, a few weeks ago, I got a nasty one! Lemon wasn't working. I also took Lysine. I threw everything at it! Alum, ice, lemon, pure vanilla, campho phenique...
It stopped after about a day of "growing", but the healing process took a couple weeks. And wouldn't you know it, once it was gone, another one showed up! Trying Alum now with some vanilla again. We'll see!

I feel your pain! These things are horrible!! Good luck!
September 18 2013

Kam from Nh

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I Get Cold sores almost every month since childhood, have tried almost everything that is on the market for coldsores nothing helped, spending a lot of money and time on treatments and tablets.
So I have discovered that if you have one on your lips try taking a ice block and keep it there for a few minutes then wash/ apply anti bacterial soap on with earbud, rinse off the soap and then apply hand sanitizer on. It takes two to three days for it to clear. That is the only remedy that works for me.
August 02 2013

Chassy from Cape Town, South Africa

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Coconut oil and stop sls

Rub a small dab of coconut oil on cold sores, fever blisters or any skin eruption. (Wash your hands before and after doing so.) It certainly lessens the pain and sooths the area. It will heal faster than if you leave it alone. But most of all, prevent the eruptions by getting rid of toothpaste that has sodium lauryl sulfate.
By removing that one ingredient, I have minimized the frequency of cold sores.
July 02 2013

Lark from Wheaton, Md

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Rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, etc

Apply rubbing alcohol (70 percent Swan brand is what I use) with a q tip. Let it dry and apply toothpaste. Only a small dab, regular white toothpaste is better.(Minty paste burns) After 30 minutes, very carefully take the toothpaste off with ice cold water. Apply more alcohol with a new q tip. It may burn a little, but it goes away shortly.
Apply ice with paper towel between ice and skin to avoid damaging your skin. Drink and apply milk, look up why it's good for it.

If your skin is irritated and red, use Visine redness relief. It'll clear up redness. (Keep it with you, redness comes back within a few hours depending on what your doing.) I have yet to try L-lysine, which I've heard nothing but good things about. Try using other brands of ointments other than abreva as well, you may find an ointment that works better for you.
June 29 2013

Anonymous from Anonymous

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L-lysine and ice

I got my first cold sore in college, probably from playing beer pong, with dozens of people drinking from the same cups, never getting washed.
First time I got a cold sore on my lip, I thought it was a pimple and popped it... Worst mistake ever. It exploded into a giant mess that lasted a week.
I went to the doctor and was told it was a herpes coldsore... I get a cold sore every two-three months, depending how stressed I am, how much I've been partying, etc. Stress and Poor Diet is the worst for me.

Here's my method that I use to contain cold-sores:

1) L-Lysine at first tingle: I stop everything I'm doing and take 2000 MG. This has been my most effective treatment to contain coldsores (thank you forums!!!)
2) Ice treatment - After 2x1000MG L-Lysine tablets, I apply ice cube after ice cube directly on the sore until I run out of ice. This keeps the blister tiny and stops that gross cauliflower.

Overall --- This method is if you're lucky enough to catch it at first tingle. Don't freak out guys, you can contain this madness!
June 27 2013

Joe from San Diego

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The miracle

Mix water, baking soda, and nail polish remover. Apply to sore and chew gum, so it doesn't go in your mouth. Apply twice in a day, and the coldsore will be gone or shrink in size.
June 25 2013

Anna from Sunshine

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Cold sores

Abreva works but is a bit slow.
Listerine (original version) dries it up in 2 days.
Nexcare works a little better than the abreva.
Valtrex is good once you catch it early.
May 28 2013

Denise from Trinidad

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Peroxide, baking soda paste, tooth paste

Yesterday morning I noticed the sore blister on my lip and that it was so bad part of my gums were sore right under where it was on my lip. Immediately I got a needle, here is what I did after that.

1. soaked needle in alcohol to clean
2. popped the blister
3. used a Q-tip to apply peroxide until the itching stopped. This took about 10 minutes of constant application. (this will sting but I promise it is worth it)
4. went about my day until it started itching again.
5. repeated step 3
6. in the evening I made some paste out of baking soda and water. I applied it to my lip and let dry.
7. put a drop of water on the dry soda over the course of 1-2 hours
8. cleaned the dried soda paste off my lip gently by splashing cold water on it and gently wiping it dry with a clean soft cloth
9. applied my minty toothpaste to the spot for over night

I woke up this morning with hardly no itching, no swelling, no redness. The bump is practically gone and it is already scabbed over and beginning to heal.

I plan on doing this process again tonight and will guess that by tomorrow morning it will completely stop itching or irritating me.

Oh yes, the scab is just barely larger than the large end of a flat ended straight pin.

I would call this a success story. I did this because I had an interview yesterday and was not embarrassed at all because it was already healing at that time.

Good luck to everyone!
May 14 2013

Annette D from Dallas, Tx

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From a kiss

Oil of oregano P73 mixed with Vaseline on your lips and it wont even form.
April 17 2013
From a kiss
Mr Organic from NYC

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Hand sanitizer + l-lysine

I always put hand sanitizer on my cold sores several times a day and it stops them from getting bigger. This time I am trying abreva along with it to see if it helps get rid of it faster.
I used to get cold sores all the time. Like 2-3 times a month for years.

I started taking l-lysine a few years ago and they went away for a long time. I got lazy and stopped taking it... I didn't have a cold sore for almost 6 months after stopping! But now they are back! This is my second one this month so I am going back to taking l-lysine daily.
March 19 2013

Hollylolly from CA

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Suck it up, Try ALUM

Alum is a white powdered spice. I use a q-tip, wet the end with water, stick in the alum and touch to the sore. It will BURN like crazy. I put it on before bed and the next morning it is about 80% healed. And gone for good the day after that. Most importantly Alum kills the pain of the cold sore. Wether inside the mouth or on the lip, the next day you'll be able to eat and open your mouth without wanting to cry! It works every time for me!
November 08 2011

EQ from Tennessee

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I've been getting cold sores my whole life. Honestly it wasn't a big deal for me. Until I hit my mid twenties. Then for some reason I started getting alot of them. I went from having one or two in the winter. Up to six, or more. The worst year being 10. Also alot of them were nasty. I've tried alot of topical stuff, and none of it worked.

So I heard about lysine tablets. Also about how certain foods can make them worse. So I found some at a health food store. So I started taking two a day, and that helped decrease there size, but not there frequency. So I went up to four a day. Two in the morning, and two at night. also I avoided certain foods.

I went almost two years with out getting a coldsore, and it was a small minor one. I've been taking them since 2004. Now I get about two to three a year, but they are very minor, and only last about 6 or 7 days.

Also my cold sores seem to be timed. It seems that if I get one it'll be from Jan - May, and Oct. For as far back as I can remember even at my worst. I've never gotten a cold sore in December.
February 20 2011

Anonymous from Canada

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