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Alum works

Try Alum powder (from the spice section of the grocery store). Mix alum with a drop of water to create a paste then apply to your cold sores. It stops swelling and the sores will clear up within days. Also, begin taking L-lysine on a daily basis. This really seems to help me. I've noticed that I always feel very dehydrated and my lips dry out and peel before getting a cold sore. I don't know if this is the cause or an effect but stay hydrated.
September 23 2014

Brittany Pearson from Tampa Bay, Florida

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The worst feeling

I've done soo much research on remedies to help ease the pain and cure it faster.. What I found was nail polish removal! Since it has alcohol in it, might as well make a try. I've suffered with cold sores all my life :/ What also helps is anti-bacterial hand soap and toothpaste. I use all three of em. What I do first is I do pop the blisters, even though you're not suppose to touch them, then apply the rest.
September 15 2014

Angie from Carmack

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I would swear by it!

I am a recent receiver of what I thought to be cold sores. I typically get them on my lip or on the corner of my mouth, which is probably considered a fever blister. It was red, scabby, and super embarrassing. I spent hours googling home remedies until finally I found something that worked!

I have found the best results when I pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, apply it to my fever blister, then apply some Denivir (not exactly something you would probably have on hand, it was something I was prescribed), then I covered it with a band-aid over night. The next morning I woke up, removed the band-aid, applied more rubbing alcohol, and all I had left was a small red spot, which was easily covered up with make up.

If you don't want to pay for something such as Denivir (I don't even know if I'm spelling that right), you can go to any drug store and pick up some Abreva (also not sure about the spelling on this one). Although it's not as fast acting, it still does the trick if you follow the steps above.
I went the the dermatologist about 2 weeks ago and found out that what I was treating as a fever blister wasn't that at all. Very happy to know I don't have herpes. The doctor said it was just a coincidence that the treatment I was doing worked. He prescribed me minocycline, and I no longer have the ugly thing on my face. Although, I'm left with a nasty scar, which I'm hoping will eventually heal using Maderma (sorry, spelling isn't my strong suit. They don't have spell check for different types of medicines.)
September 06 2014

Kiley from VA Beach

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Not a sales pitch

I have tried everything over the last few days... Nail polish remover, garlic, coconut oil, hand sanitizer, L-Lystine, Abriva, you name it. And while they all sting and I'm sure are doing something they just were not making this monster go away and all I want is to look normal. I gave in this morning and went to get those Polysporin cold sore patches while it's too early to see if it helps I'm happy to say I look normal and can once again put chap stick on. If all you want is to look normal, give them a try!
August 01 2014

Desperate from Girl

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Haven't had one since

L-Lysine supplement works miracles. I was getting a streak of cold sores every other month. The rx were outrageous in price. 500.00 for a cream. The pharmacist told me about l-Lysine. I started taking it for about 4 months 500 mg 1 a day. I have not gotten one since.
June 28 2014

Ann from Florida

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Got rid of mine in 48 hours

I caught the pesky little bugger right as the blisters were beginning to surface... Really just looked like white patches on my lower lip, but was painful. I immediately went for the abreva. While the abreva does work, I wanted something that is a little more fast acting.

I found this remedy out of lots of research, and what was reasonably available to me: The process begins by icing the sore for 10-15 minutes Let dry. Apply Witch Hazel Astringent with clean q-tip for 2-4 minutes. Let dry. Using another clean q-tip apply tea tree oil to the sore for 2-4 minutes. Let dry. Lastly, apply the abreva using a clean q-tip. I did this several times a day. 3-5 and the sore is completely gone!

Keep in mind too that as weird and dry as it makes the rest if your lips feel, try NOT to lick your sore! The virus thrives in moist, warm areas! Hope this helped and Good luck on your own mission!
June 09 2014

Ktmg10 from Oregon

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Don't stress - no cold sore in 5 years

I used to feel a cold sore coming up and I would stress about it so much. I used to get them every time I had or was getting a cold. I haven't had one in 5 years because if I felt I was coming down with a cold I did not think or worry about getting a cold sore once, and I never got one. I think if you worry or stress about it, then it only aggravates the blister.
June 04 2014

Bobbie from United Kingdom

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Tried everything !

Catching them early is the way to go. Ice at first sign. Aloe Vera gel will dry them up. Lemon balm to heal. I really want to try this alum thing everyone is talking about.
May 25 2014

Kassidy from Richmond

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Emt gel

When I feel the tingle, I apply deodorant over the tingle area. Deodorant is the only thing I've found to actually STOP the cold sore from coming at all. Alternate deodorant and ice, keeping the pitrub on your lip (don't let it get in your mouth, its unpleasant) ALL DAY. You cannot see it so it is easy. If you do get the sore, I deodorant the thing until it starts to weep, then I take that newskin liquid bandage and make a force field over it. After a few hours it will come loose, like a self made scab. Underneath is the gooey infection you can peel away that will stick to the force field when removed.

After that, I apply pure rubbing alcohol with a death stare. You've peeled off the pus/weep phase, dried out the under layer which should not pus anymore. There is a thing called EMT gel. $11.00 a tube. (fleet farm here) it is a collagen gel that forms a barrier like thick skin over a wound and you will not have that "wet growing" feeling. After I put the EMT gel on it it begins to shrink and go away.
May 18 2014

Killthecold from World

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Coconut oil really does help

I got a cold sore less than 48 hours ago and it's nearly gone now. I use Zovirax when I first feel a tingle, and it usually prevents the cold sore from even surfacing and it goes away altogether in about 15-20 minutes. I'm about 6 months pregnant at the moment, and I'm having outbreaks frequently. This most recent cold sore just didn't go away with the Zovirax, so I read up on some different remedies.

I found a forum that suggested using coconut oil on it. I use coconut oil on my skin and hair, so I had a big jar on hand. I sleep with my 3 year old, so I feel it is necessary to cover the sore with a waterproof bandage at night in case he touches my face while we are asleep. It's not too uncomfortable, and I can rest easy knowing that he won't be infected. I covered my sore in coconut oil and then applied the bandage. I also kept applying the oil throughout the day (using a q-tip as one should NEVER touch the sore with your finger, google 'herpetic whitlow and you'll know why ).

This morning, I woke up with a slight scab where the sore was and used coconut oil to soften it. It came right off and is now nearly unnoticeable. I'm very relieved and am in awe of how much coconut oil helped. I have a social function to attend tonight and I'm so glad the sore is gone! I would highly recommend asking your doctor or dentist for a Rx for Zovirax cream or ointment to keep on hand. Also, if you have frequent outbreaks, ask for a Rx of Acyclovir pills or even Valtrex. When taken at the beginning of an outbreak, I've found that they greatly reduce the length of the outbreak and have even made it go away completely in an hour or so.

We adults who are afflicted with these horrible things should be more mindful when around children! How many of us were infected as children? I know I was. Don't share toothpaste with yours kids, don't kiss them on the lips or near their eyes, don't share eating utensils or cups! And if someone you know has an outbreak, keep them away from your children.
May 16 2014

Sawyer from Oregon

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Cold sores

If you are having cold sores in your mouth or other places it's because your body is too acidity. You need to eat a lot of greens and fruits. I know because I have suffered from cold sores for 38 years and tried everything. Now I eat a green soup everyday which is spinach cilantro parsley zucchini, green peper, onion garlic, salt and pepper, lemons, sliced almonds and water. Blend that up in a blender and drink a cup a day like a soup.

I also eat papaya, mangos, honey and strawberries mix with water like a smoothie. These things will alkaline your body. Once your body gets heated by being too acidity it's just a matter of time to trigger a cold sore. Drink lots of water and your good to go. If you learn more about alkalining your body you will feel amazing and be healthier.
May 01 2014

Sandy from Dallas

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Samurai virus buster

Samurai Virus Buster is a great item to have stashed in your medicine cabinet. Every flu season, someone you know comes down with it and in the first few days, this has lessened the symptoms.
April 22 2014

Nayana from Mumbai

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