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Bactine and peroxide

I don't get any sensation prior to my cold sores coming on. Unfortunately I don't know I am getting one until it already appears. What I have found that works best is to take 800mg ibuprofen as soon as I see the cold sore appear. I take that every four hours and it helps with the swelling. I also dip a Q-Tip in bactine and another q-tip in peroxide and hold them on the cold sore for approximately 5 minutes. I do this every couple of hours and the cold sore is gone in 24-48 hours.
November 29 2014

Jonie from California

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Make tea!

Make TEA! Heat up a black tea teabag in either the microwave or on the stove. Allow the bag to cool slightly. Apply the bag directly to the infected area. Once the bag has chilled fully. Disinfect the sore with peroxide or alcohol and repeat the process. The sore will decrease in size by morning.
November 27 2014

Melissa from Pittsburgh, Pa

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This helpd me alot

I woke up one morning with a horrible coldsore break out. It was extremely painful to the point I couldn't open my mouth or move my lips. The only things I had on hand were rubbing alcohol, carmax and oragel. I cleaned the coldsores with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip then I mixed both the carmax with the oragel and applied it to the sores. After a few hours the coldsores were smaller and 2-3 days later they were gone plus the oragel numbs them for hours.
November 07 2014

Breezy from Maine

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It actually works

Okay, so I've been getting cold sores for the past 3 years now. There awful, embarrassing, ugly and gross! I've tried germ x, blistex, carmex, alcohol, toothpaste, salt, and many more! The other day I felt a tingling and felt like my lip was swilling! I began stressing! Don't stress. That makes it worse. So I kept washing my hands, using germ x 24/7, and kept my lips moisturized. I applied Chapstick and germ x constantly. Then I mixed toothpaste and salt together, and applied it to the cold sore. I wanted to keep it away and from forming completely. So every now an then I apply toothpaste and salt, and it relieves the pain (makes them feel minty) and it decreases in size! I was amazed!
November 07 2014

HolyBeth from Kentucky

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Alcohol and ice thats it!

I normally just use blistex on my cold sores and it takes about a week to get rid of it. Out of frustration I started googling "how to get rid of cold sores" and came across this remedies page! Thank goodness I did. I had one the size of my whole top lip. This is the second day almost using nothing but ice and alcohol and it's almost gone......

What I used was
-rubbing alcohol
-jumbo sized cotton balls (absorbs more liquid)
-small sandwich ziplock bags to put the ice in.
(I found it better to use the ice tray cubes they lasted longer than the crushed ice)

Pour the alcohol on the cotton ball and hold it to the infected area for two-five minutes, if you can't handle the sting take it off and apply the ice and alternate like so.... if you can tolerate the sting you can leave it there longer than five minutes and than grab your ice and put in on the infected area after. Remember to keep the sore dry so remove the ice and pat it dry on the bag and your sore. Keep alternating this and you will get fast results.

If you're worried about it coming back.... when your lips get dry just use the medicated blistex as a Chapstick and you'll be fine.
November 06 2014

KaySerenity from West palm beach fl

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I hate cold sores with all my life

I am 16 years old and I have suffered with cold sore all my life, including Exceme . Cold sores are disgusting and super unattractive . Every time I get them I cry because who wants to go to school with monsters on you're lip I mean no one else in school gets them but me. One remedy I read of the Internet a while ago was baking soda and honey or baking soda and water. You kinda just put them together and make a paste. At first it worked magnificently just like abreva but I guess my body got used to it and now I need other remedies! Please help!!
November 05 2014

Kirsten from Miami

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The only cure for me!

Do this! Get some DMSO cream from the health store or online- this delivers great amounts of oxygen to the cold sore. Viruses can't live in oxygen rich environments. Apply a very small amount to the cold sore and a thin layer in a small circle to the back of your neck. Then cover the entire cold sore with toothpaste which will lock in the oxygen effects of the DMSO. Taking 1000 mg of Lysine 3 times a day helps as well.

Apply DMSO three times during the day and the toothpaste overnight. Only thing that has killed my cold sore in one day! I couldn't believe it! Been suffering from bad ones for years. This method has helped me. I hope it helps you.

I also take Lysine and Cats Claw every day on an empty stomach, which has prevented me from getting breakouts that used to happen every few months. Healthy alkaline based diet helps prevent them as well.
October 29 2014

Gia from Las Vegas, NV

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Rubbing alcohol has saved me!

After a 4 day battle against this cold sore It is finally going away after applying rubbing alcohol! This was the worst cold sore I have ever had! For the first 2 days I applied abreva since the first tingle I felt. Usually it doesn't get any bigger if I start treating it right away but this time it just kept growing.

I started doing research online and came across different remedies so I popped the sores and tried applying hydrogen peroxide and I got no results I also made a paste with salt and toothpaste and tried to keep it over night but it was impossible! My cold sore was stinging and pulsing for the whole hour and a half I had it on. I tried to sleep it off but this yellow liquid came out off it and went into my mouth so I had to wash it off.
It left this ugly brown scab that only got worse after I applied abreva again today. I decided to go buy some rubbing alcohol and try that method instead and it worked wonderfully all I had to do was wash the sore again so scab became soft I removed it with a q-tip and applied some rubbing alcohol with another q-tip. It instantly died up and left this nice and thin scab. It actually looks like it will finally be gone with in the next day or so.

Thanks everyone for recommending this treatment I wish I would have some rubbing alcohol at home so It wouldn't have took this long to get rid if this thing! But I know what to do next time I get another one so yay !
October 21 2014

Jasmine from San Diego

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Alcohol that stuff to death!

So I got my second ever cold sore a couple of days ago, right before work. What I instantly did was obviously whine about the whole ordeal. Secondly, I attacked it with pure rubbing alcohol, let it dry, then placed a good amount of 100 percent tea tree oil on the pesky bugger, once I wiped my eyes from the horrible burning sensation I drove to walmart and picked up Campho-Phenique for $5.00.

Been doing this routine for 3-5 times a day for the past (now, also counting today) 3 days. Seems like I have been able to completely bypass the weeping stage were it oozes yellow crap. Now it seems to be drying up/scabbing and mind you its only day 3. Hopefully it can be completely gone in a day or two. Fingers crossed!
October 18 2014

Anahhh from Phoenix

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Garlic vegemite deodorant...

Hi this is a very thorough breakdown of the remedies I know (and have tried/tested): I get cold sores every summer (never winter) whether I spend time out in the sun or not (ie. They're not blisters). Zovirax is good if you have it, especially if you can get it before it blisters. Ice cubes are great when you're at home and resting. I've been told the vitamin B (?) in Vegemite (not sure what the proxy is for those who don't have it) and /or garlic paste is very good for cold sores too and you can feel it sting a little (in a soothing way). And if you have access to the deodorant that comes in a paste that pushes up through a circular grate-type-thing (mine is Rexona Clinical Strength), you can put the paste in a little lip balm jar (I've thought about mixing it with a tiny bit of Vaseline or similar but haven't tried that yet) and use it all day. Or you can just use it from stick (with a q-tip to prevent reinfection).

Personally, a week is far too long to suffer a sore, blistering stare-magnet. So I try to go all out at the first sign. I hit it with ice when I'm watching tv. If I have Vegemite (which I find works on all lip sores/blisters. I have heard it used for soothing genital herpes as a natural remedy - though I'm no doctor), and /or garlic paste (usually at your supermarket with the herb pastes), I use that on top of the clinical deodorant paste (plus it acts as a "seal" so I'm not constantly licking yucky deodorant all day).

If I'm going out, I take my little jar or deodorant paste and some q-tips/cotton swabs and apply as needed. If you have them lying around, alcohol swabs that the doctors/hospitals/diabetics use are good for keeping the area/s clean and dry (and getting the Vegemite Garlic Deodorant off! ,) -plus they're one use only and easily carried in your pocket. KFC wet ones may do a similar job though I've never tried them.

At night I use whatever I have of the above to make a paste, apply and cut little "skins" of cling wrap/film to put on the top of the cold sore paste so I don't get it on my sheets. Hope this helps any fellow cold sore sufferers!
October 08 2014

Corie from AUSTRALIA

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Cold sore magic-antiperspirent

A coworker told me years ago to rub dry antiperspirant (not deodorant) to the site when you feel a tingle starting. BELIEVE me, it works in a day or two. I keep applying a light cover through the day and a heavy coat at night and it works! Makes sense since antiperspirant is designed as a skin dryer.
October 03 2014

Dale from Seattle

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Please read for your own good

Go to vitamin shoppe and pick up oil of oregano super strength in the liquid form. Take 3 drops under your tongue once a day and you will be cold sore free for as long as you take it. Enjoy people!
September 28 2014

Chris from Albany

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