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Gone b4 it comes

I know you'll probably think I'm crazy, but I got this remedy from a very smart elderly lady.
As soon as you feel the tingle dip a Qtip in bleach and do this once every 3 hours for 12 hours guess what it will never appear. So catch it before it comes, haven't had a cold sore since the age of about 20 I'm 40 now. I've felt the tingle a couple times but after I use the bleach Clorox it never visibly appeared. Hope this works for others
March 03 2015

Just Helping Out from Michigan

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Best remdy for cold sores naturally

Hemoform serum is the only product I have found that works well and works quick. I have used this for years. Won't buy anything else to manage coldsores anymore. It took too long to discover this product and it really is the best thing out there. I recommend it any time I hear someone complain of cold sores.
February 25 2015

Stephanie Roberts from UK

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I'm back w/a better remedy. lysine

Every since I brought this 9months ago I have not had a cold sore since. I use it as a chapstick. And even use it under my lipstick as a moisturizer. I'm so happy. No more ugly lip sores. I got it from Walmart. And saw it in CVS, and even Walgreen's.
February 22 2015

Kayserenity from West Palm Beach

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Sounds weird but it does work

OK, so I have been getting cold sores for as long as I can remember! I have tried everything! I usually use metho but woke up this morning to what feels like about five colds sores all on my bottom lip. Although metho works it does take time.
So I read up about home remedies for colds sore I found one that sounded really strange but thought I should give it a go because well it can't get much worse So what you do is wet your lips and get a 9 v battery and use the -+ bit on yours lips you will feel small zaps but just means it's working. I literally did this about 10 mins ago and already feeling it working and now just put some paw paw cream on :)
February 11 2015

Lindsay from Australia

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New cold sore remedy

New cold sore remedy Intercept CS is fast acting and can be used at home in under 2 minutes for powerful relief of cold sores. Www.Interceptcoldsore.Com
January 30 2015
New cold sore remedy
David Morris from Calgary

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Cold sore

First sign of a cold sore is itching and tingling. Put alcohol on the area three to four times a day. If cold sore has already blister on the lip. First clean with alcohol, next use a sterilize small needle or pin to pop blisters. Then soak peroxide on tissue squeeze the cold sore right away. Last repeat peroxide and alcohol three times a day. It will shrink and start to dry out.
January 16 2015

Felicia from Michigan

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Best treatment of hemoform

HemoForm Serum is the best medication for a cold sore. I have used for years and it works like gang busters.
January 05 2015

Weslley Paiva from UK

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Cold sores

I tried witch hazel and honestly, it looked less balloon-ish a few minutes after I put it on. I'm hoping it will go away in a few days.
December 28 2014

Nina from Sanfransico

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Bicarb blasts!

If you didn't know, Bicarbonate of Soda really helps your cold sore when it is refusing to go away. Apply a thick layer of it to the cold sore and wait till it dries up into a scab and eventually peels off. It may sound disgusting, but it really helps. The cold sore should go in about 4-5 days.
December 23 2014
Bicarb blasts!
Naomi Esperon from 24 Crescent Lopslip Road

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Cold sores suck!

I have terrible cold sores, and get made fun of them at school. I honestly hate them, and this time I was out of abreva and really don't have time to pick it up. So i found somewhere else, a new remedy using vanilla extract.

what you will need:
- cotton swab
- vanilla extract

All you do is soak the cotton swab in the vanilla extract, and apply it to that nasty cold sore. Do this about 4 times a day, it will help so much! It took less than two days! And for me normally using abreva - it took a week!
December 16 2014

Kat from North carolina

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What an ordeal! tea tree oil works!

So yesterday morning I felt tingling on the corner of my lip. Weird because its normally on top or bottom of my lip which is usually a small pimple. I ignored it...BIG MISTAKE. Over the next couple of hours while at work, I saw it. Hurt like crazy and very itchy. Since I was at work I couldnt do anything about it. By the time I got home it was bigger, itchier and gross looking.

I researched and this morning I just iced it. Later today after work I used salt, ice cube and tissue and scrubbed them open carefully so it doesn't infect anywhere else. Then I put a 100 percent tea tree oil undiluted directly on the open cold sores. Didn't hurt until I put campho-phenique. It stung so badly but a couple hours later, cold sore is dry and starting to heal on only day two!
December 07 2014

Amy from Bloomington, IL

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Heat treatment - "herpotherm"

Studies have shown that for cold sores (and a new study 2014 indicates same for genital herpes lesions too), applying heat - specifically at 131F/55C - directly to the affected area for a few seconds will kill the virus and stop development of the sore/lesion. After reading about this, I tried a hair dryer using a piece of card to mask off the surrounding area, a heated spoon and inexpensive non-contact thermometer (infrared pyrometer). These worked! But hardly convenient outside the home. (So BTW the folks who mentioned using a hair dryer may have been getting some extra help over just drying it out.) Then I ran across the "Herpotherm", a German-made battery-powered gizmo a little larger than a women's lipstick. It delivers a timed burst (a few seconds) of 55C heat via a gold hotspot on the end. You hold it against the area (a mirror helps at first), press a button on the side once, the red light goes on, then it beeps when at full temp, then beeps again at end of cycle. If you catch at first tingle, you don't even get a cold sore at all, if you miss the initial tingle, any emerging sore goes to the non-painful crusty stage very soon after using it, so if you wish you can then use peroxide and/or triple antibiotic ointment or whatever to heal it up fast.
In latter case I keep using it until it any discomfort has ceased. But catching it early has been magically effective for me - absolutely no redness or eruption at all! You can use it as often as you like, I usually do it several times one-after-the-other immediately I detect the onset tingle, then keep hitting the spot whenever I think about it.

It is a little painful (sometimes "hurts so good") but works WAY better than any of the OTC remedies, and while it is a little uncomfortable to use, it does not burn or mark the skin at all. So a nice clean solution and no nasty chems in or on body or messy stuff in your pocket or bag. They show up for $60-$90 (I got mine from Amazon in Europe and paid ~$60 so it is worth shopping around). The first (IIRC CR2 3V) battery lasted over two years - probably a few hundred "beep-beeps" - so that is still no expensive than 3 or 4 Abrevas, which don't work for me anymore anyway.
December 03 2014
Heat treatment - "herpotherm"
Barney from South CA

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