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I used to get cold sores about 3 or 4 times a year. My wife kept telling to take lysine, so finally tried it. I took 2 lysine twice a day for 30 days. I haven't had a cold sore in over a year.
October 01 2007

John from Houston, TX USA

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As soon as I feel a cold sore coming. immediately, I apply blistex *antibiotic*... it works great. It even gives moisture to your lips. AGELINA JOLIE USE BLISTEX TOO!
June 25 2007


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Just take an unburned match and apply to the cold sore. It burns like fire, but the sulphur in the match will clear it up very quickly.
May 03 2007

Tammy from Oklahoma

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L-lysine is an amino acid. Take a couple pills at the first sign/tingle of a cold sore.

March 20 2007

Tamara from Phoenix, az

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Mom's Home Cure

When ever I get a Cold Sore, at the verry First tingle I Take Lyzine it is a Vitamin and it will stop a Cold Sore Dead in it's Tracks!
March 12 2007

N.J. Stacy from Eureka, Montana USA

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Isopropyl alcohol

At the first hint of irritation or redness or sensitivity, rub into the skin, Isopropyl alcohol.
If you catch it early, there will be no cold sore.
February 04 2007

Charles Mathison from cfmesq@hotmail.com

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Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Apply Triple Antibiotic Ointment at the first sign of a cold sore. Helps get rid of the sore as well as keeps it moist so it doesn't crack and bleed.
January 18 2007

Karen from Spokane, WA

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strike a match

strike a wooden match or papper let it burn untial the tip is burn off run water over it now cruch the black off the end rub it on the sore bleave me it works i start doing this as soon as i feel one comming on norley they scab very little
October 22 2006

steve mosley from kentucky

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Cold sore prevention

Chewable Lactinex will nearly prevent a cold sore from forming if taken at the earliest signs of tingling. Take four chewable tablets 2-3 times a day.
June 30 2006

Roksan from Oak Harbor, Washisngton

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Need Help?

If i have a cold sore i use lip balm, try putting a smother of lip balm or vaseline on the part where the cold sore or the sore lip is and in the morning it will be gone. i know it costs quite a bit for vaseline and lipsel but it works a treat for me, i suffer from dermatitis on my face. hope it helps all you sufferers out there
December 02 2005

Nelly from UK

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