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Apply colloidal silver solution. It is colourless and available in most health shops, otherwise in pharmacies. Sometimes they sell the black powder, which has to be dissolved: this is a more expensive way and leaves black marks on fabrics.
They say you cannot cure herpes, but this will certainly remove the itch and pain within seconds and keep it that way. Remember to soak any clothes that have come into contact with the herpes outbreak in boiling hot water - add bleach if they are whites.
August 12 2008

John from South Africa

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L-lysine, alum and ice

I started feeling the swell and tingling of an oncoming coldsore. I did not take action until the little white spots started to appear. After reviewing this website I started taking lysine 1-2 500mg tablets 3x a day. I applied alum and ice to my cold sore multiple times throughout the day. That was two days ago, today, on the third day, it is almost entirely gone! I can't believe it. When I get them, they usually last for 10-14 days. Because I combined the recommended methods, I don't really know if only one thing was effective or if it was the combination.. but despite the bad study design, I will definitely do the same thing again next time. Thank you to those of you who made the recommendations!
June 22 2008

amazed from Berkeley, CA

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I should have known better

1. Awareness.
2. Lysine (At first tingle)
3. Abreva ("WAS" the wonder drug.)
4. Rubbing Alcohol (dab with Q-Tip)

But I am sure we have all experienced the days where nothing works and within 12 hours your hiding under the covers with your top and bottom lip malformed like a balloon.

My wife is blaming Kiwi fruit, I blame the Sun this weekend. I was sunburned Saturday. Typically I use 50SPF on the lips.

Don't you hate it when you accidently scrape your teeth against a sore? I am sure everyone has stories. My worst outbreak in 15 years today. Arrrgh.
June 11 2008

Fresh Sores from Undisclosed Bed, USA

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Absorbine jr.

At the first sign(or any time thereafter) apply Absorbine jr. to sore. Do this several times a day and it dries the sore up AND relieves the pain. You can also use mentholatum. It also works very well.
May 09 2008

Betty from St. Matthews,SC

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Essential oils

Try placing neat (undiluted on a cotton swab/ball) either eucalyptus essential oil or tea tree essential oil. Both work very well at killing the cold sore. I am also taking Lysine and have for years. I haven't had a breakout in at least a year until Wednesday/Thursday when I got one. I have been studying essential oils and their properties. These two (eucalyptus and tea tree) essential oils are both noted for their ability to decrease the amount of time the sore takes to heal and go away. It is Sunday and the scab fell off and is gone.
May 04 2008

Marie from Nevada

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Lysine--the Godsend

I suffered horrible, embarrasing cluster cold sores every couple months. It ruined my 20s. I read about lysine and began taking a 500 mg tablet with my breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day. Sometimes I only manage to do it twice a day. I started in 1995. In 13 yrs I have had three outbreaks. Why? Because I got lazy and stopped taking them for a few weeks, and was reminded the hard way.
February 16 2008

Paul from Dallas, TX USA

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Take 3-4 L-Lysine tablets (500 mg) as soon as you think you might be getting a cold sore and chances are, you will stop it in it's tracks. I learned about the L-Lysine trick years ago. Now I take only 2 tablets a week and haven't had a cold sore in about 5 years. Perhaps cold sores are a symptom of a deficiency in this essential amino acid.
January 25 2008

Penny Burkey from Shreve, Ohio

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I agree, Alum cures cold and canker sores

Three years ago a Physicians assistant told me to use Alum powder.

Just wet your finger so you can get a bit of Alum powder on the tip, then hold it to the cold sore. I do this two or three times a day as soon as I begin to get the sore. It works during any stage of the sore, but the bigger it is when you start, the more it hurts like HECK! The sore will not last more than two days from the day you start, instead of 10-14. It tastes like extreamly sour salt.

The one bottle of Powder, (buy it at any grocery store in the spice section), will last you your entire life.

Alum acually Kills the virus that causes the sore. After three years of using Alum, my break outs are less and less frequent. I have not had a sore in 8 months until this morning, and it is already shrinking. I wonder what other viruses Alum kills? To my knowledge, it kills them all.
January 19 2008

Benjamin from Puyallup, WA (Near Tacoma)

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Campho_Phenique and Abreva

I have tried Abreva alone before and I still had the blisters for over 2 weeks so this time I used Abreva AND Campho_Phenique(in a tube)and what a difference, I put it on as soon as I saw them and by morning my lip was swollen but different then ever before and next thing I know they went away..I can't be sure if it is the compination of the two or just the Chapho-Phenique and I'm not taking any chances (if it ain't broke don't fix it)
November 28 2007

Jodi from Florida

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Pucker UP! Alum is the cure!

Alum which is used for pickling works evertime.
We have 6 in the family and it has never failed.

Wet your finger, touch it to the alum powder, and hold it onto the cold sore.
It will sting like crazy at first, then goes numb.
Rinse your mouth out.
If it starts hurting again. Apply again.
It has never taken more than two times for us.
This has worked for EVERYONE I have told.

Hint: If you get these sores a lot, start looking into an alkaline diet. Your body may be too acidic which leads to all kinds of more serious problems.
November 26 2007

Joyce from AR

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I keep a tube of Clearasil cream at all times. At first sign I use it and it dries it up very fast, just like a zit. Keeping it moist with anything prolongs it on my lip. I also take Lysene caps.
October 28 2007

Mickey from Minnesota

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Freeze the Cold Sore

Applying ICE to a cold sore frequently will stop
the virus and reduce the out-break. Following up
by applying Vitamin E oil. The ice stops the virus cold!!

October 21 2007

Mike from Brooklyn, NY

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