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Walgreens viroxyn & Campo-phenique

Walgreens has a generic of the viroxyn for $14.99 for 2. Use this immediately gently rubbing/massaging it in, not too hard to break skin.
However the sores can still make their way through alternate the walgreens viroxyn and campho-phenique. Viroxyn will get deep into sore and campho will dry it up.

Last time I had one I did this and it was gone in 5 days, good luck!
January 18 2009

sarah from new york

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I have had cold sores every other month or so for as long as I can remember (I'm 53). I have worked all over the US and many other countries. However, once I started working almost full time in China for the past two years I have not EVER had a cold sore.
I go to Germany for a couple of weeks...Cold sore, I go to the US for a couple of weeks...Cold sore, I just got back from a three day trip in Korea...Cold sore. I have tried for two years to figure out why I do not get cold sores in China.

I formulated many theories and tried numerous experiments...Still no conclusive answer (I thought I had it figured out a couple of times). I attributed it to many things, but
I am currently leaning towards peanuts (source of Arginine). I eat them in China but they are a different type.
Red meat and processed meat are still on my list. I eat fish here several times a week (L-lysine source). I learned that L-Lysine can cause high cholesterol, which I am also working on solving with great success...Another story.
December 21 2008

Chuck from Dalian China

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All of the above plus

Thx for the alum idea. GREAT.

I always take lysine5x the day I feel tingling. The alcohol and ACV ideas both are good too. Last night I did them all, incl. Alum, and today, hardly noticeable. Also, if you can't reach alcohol when you feel the tingle, tab some hairspray on your Q tip and it sticks longer than reg. Alcohol.
I also carry an ole banadyne, which I can't find anymore. It's a liq quick dry clearing a tube/can with a felttip topper. Last night I bought an orajel brush thingy with the same sort of application. AND, used to use clear mecuracom (sp) but it's hard to find, and it dries but doesn't heal.
December 05 2008

CJW from WV

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I've got to agree with a few people on here. I know that getting sick, stressed, or tired is what triggers cold sores, anything that lowers your immune system. I've been getting them two or three times a year since I was a kid, and I've tried everything on this page and then some.

I started taking two 500mg tablets of lysine a day (1 when you get up and 1 before bed because they're better on an empty stomach) and I've only had one cold sore in two years.
December 04 2008

Steve from Atlanta, GA

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I used to get cold sores all the time and started taking l-lysine as soon as I started feeling the ich, I still beleive it works, but in the last couple of years I started using peroxide. One capful in my mouth once a week, swishing it around for at least 5 min. while I am in the shower, I have not had a cold sore in almost 2 years and it also whitens your teeth. Two for one, you cant beat that.
November 20 2008

April from usa

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Several Cures

I use alot of stuff to get rid of mine. Apply rubbing alcohol, it burns but be tough, it dries it out, you can apply bleach, it burns too but dries it out,. Put an ice cube in it and let it melt, it keeps the swelling down and feels good on it. Put medication from the doctor on it and then apply salt on top of the sore, and it works!
All these things, and it will help.
November 12 2008

Anonymous from somewhere

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Bye-Bye Coldsores!

All you need is one cuetip and a case of vaseline. Take a small amount of vaseline and put it on the cuetip, then apply to the coldsore before you go to bed. I swear it works great I did it for 2 nights and My coldsore was gone.

Just make sure you don't pick at the sore or it might be a case you doctor will have to check out.

You can get vaseline at any drugstore or grocry store in the U.S, I think this is the best was to treat a coldsore.

I hope this treatment works for you, if it does'nt u may have a infection and you need to contact your doctor emidiatly!
November 05 2008

Payton from California

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ALUM Powder?

Someone mentioned this remedy here however, I have never heard of alum powder. I tried looking for it in the spice section of my grocery store as instructed but didn't find it. Has anyone else tried it and know what it is?

Answer by admin:
Usage: Used in pickling for crispness. Google Alum Powder and you will find lots of useful info.

October 28 2008

Skip from NJ

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Alum will set you free

I read on here that alum would help dry my cold sore out. I had tried everything under the sun including very expensive so called miracle cures. Nothing ever worked not even L-lysine. So I said what the hell and went to the grocery store and got a bottle that I think cost me $1.50.

I began to put it on lastnight and several times today. There is no longer any sign that there was ever a cold sore. It had already been developing for a couple of days so there were about 6 blisters that I counted that are completely gone. The scab fell off earlier this evening without any assistance from me. I am utterly amazed that I finally found my remedy. If I had put the alum on sooner I don't think it would have ever even blistered. Get some asap you won't regret it!

October 27 2008

Mark from Houston, TX.

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Hot and cold

I've been getting cold sores since age 5. I'm a senior in high school now & am suffering at the moment from yet another outbreak. What I do (aside for using ABREVA) is hold a hot damp clothe on it for about 5 minutes as often as I can make time for it. The hotter the better ! Also I hold ice on it before bed. I don't know.. sounds crazy. It may not even be doing anything but in my mind, it helps.
September 29 2008

ashley joy from New Jersey

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The Deodorant method

At the first sign of tingling, apply a generous amount of deodorant, (Not clear gel), to the affected area. Stops it dead, the active ingrediant in deodorant both moisturizes the area, and minimizes soreness and skin breakage.
September 03 2008

Vince from USA

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Neosporin lip treatment LT.

First sign of a cold sore, start putting on the neosporin lip treatment. It will go away as fast as you filled it coming on.
August 29 2008

Brenda from Ga.

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