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Abreva works 100% of the time if you catch the cold sore immediately! I have it on hand so as soon as I feel a little sting I can apply it. It even comes w/ a little carrying case that has a mirror on it and is small enough to fit in your pocket.
June 03 2009

Shoni from Austin, TX USA

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Alum powder & campho Phenique

Well I believe that putting alum powder on the first sight or feel of a cold sore coming on will help. The alum powder will dry up that area you apply it to kinda of like how other remedies are suppose to do, but I think alum powder works faster and is a lil more intense. I also followed it up with applications of campho phenique. I cant tell the results of L-Lysine, but I will continue to use it to see if it can stop/prevent future outbreaks.
May 21 2009

cold sore lab rat from Lost Wages, NV

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viroxyn, L-lysine, .....Alum Powder?

Well...I tried the generic viroxyn and it helped in the past, but this time im not sure if it did the trick. I used one application a day and another blistered appeared right next to the one I was trying to cure. Bought two more vials and it didnt seem to work as well as ive known it to work in the past.

I've put down some money now to find a remedy so what the heck, I just want it to go away.

Things I've tried when I have an outbreak:

1. Abreva: too long to heal.

2. Campho Phenique: helped but not quite certain of the results. Maybe works best before full blown sore.

3. L-Lysine 2 x 1000mg with food: dont think it absorbed into my system well.

4. Lysine 1000mg without food 3x's a day: I think im seeing results. Maybe better used as a preventive measure or at first sign, then a instant cure when its too late and full blown(I took more then recommended)I believe it best works on an empty stomach.

5. Im now trying alum powder, but am not sure how much to use or cake it on the sore...suggestions?

Im feel like a cold sore lab rat.....I hope I find something that my system likes to fight it off and keep it away.

Also thinking about changing my diet cause I eat like crap.

I'll post again if i after all the testing and find a cure for me..
May 07 2009

Cold Sore Lab Rat. from lost wages, NV USA

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alum powder help?

For those who've tried alum powder and saw good results:

How long do you put alum powder on for?

how much do you apply?

how many times a day?

what are the effects after? (i.e. scab, peeling, reduced swelling, ect...)

any help would save my social life and others out there!!!!! thank you in advance.
May 07 2009

Cold Sore Lab Rat. from lost wages, NV USA

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It is many things that take care of my outbreaks...

I know I always get the sore on the right side of my mouth so when I floss I make sure to not let any of the used string rub across the skin where the sore usually erupts. This is important bc used floss can have food particles that help the sore break out, as well as the string causing small cuts in the area. So floss with the clean side near the sore.

1. Stay away from all the high arginine foods
2. Try to dry it out...I do this with either oxygen or ozone therapy...
3. Lysine is a good friend.
4. I am swearing to myself that I will never eat the foods that trigger it, so I hope to stick with it.
5. Other than that..they are a pain, but more thah half the world's population have them so, you are not alone!
March 25 2009

John Doe from Detroit, MI USA

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Cold sore remedy

I have suffered from cold sores since I was 15...I tried every OTC medication available and NOTHING worked...until I found L-lysine! I dont take it daily, but IF I feel the tingling start on my lip, I immediately take 1000mg of lysine with a huge glass of water.....and the cold sore NEVER erupts...I swear by this remedy!!!
March 10 2009

Psyche from Riverside, CA

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Several years ago I was having cold sore after cold sore. Someone asked me what I was eating. I was munching on trailmix every day which contained peanuts. A friend told me that they read an amino-acid in peanut can trigger cold sores. I stopped eating peanuts and peanut butter (switching to sunflower butter) and have rarely gotten another cold sore. I have tested this and if I eat a product that contains a lot of peanut butter or peanuts I usually get a cold sore, so I am thoroughly convinced this is true.
February 22 2009

JS from Charlotte, NC

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Apply Salt

Apply Salt directly to the cold sore and keep there as long as it burns or you can stand it twice a day or just before bed. It will burn but it will make it heal a lot faster. At least it does for mine.
February 20 2009

Anonymous from Utah

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Calamine Lotion Cures

I am SO GLAD I found this out. If you read uses under Calamine lotion it says it dries out the area. Thats how you get rid of cold sores. Shake before using. Apply it to a Q-tip and it turns to paste. Use it in the infected areas, leave on for all night or throughout the day until it starts to flake off. (Just don't forget you have it on). When you want to rinse, gently use wet cloth. The more you repeat the cycle the quicker the process. To protect the skin from scabing, apply a good moisture to lips afterwards, like carmax. From the time I started feeling/seeing the cold sore, I think it took about 2 or so days before it was gone.
February 14 2009

Magan from Michigan

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Nail Polish Remover

Hold ice on the cold sore until it melts, about 15-30 mins or as long as you have time. Next wash your hands and take a needle in which has been sanitized and pop any blisters on the sore, drain the lesions and dry with a tissue. With a Q-tip, dab acetone based nail polish remover on the sore 3 or 4 times, this will dry the sore out. (It burns, but its worth it.) Then cover the sore with any acne medication that dries out the skin. Repeat the nail polish remover and acne cream throughout the day. Make sure to pop any new blisters that appear and repaet process. You may also use a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry it out or soak a cotton ball with Nail polish remover and sleep with it on the sore overnight. Good Luck.
February 12 2009

NoMoreColdSores from LHC, AZ

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Anbesol Fever Blister/Cold Sore Treatment

When you first notice the tingle or even after the blister has formed, apply the ointment to the affected area every 2-3 hours. The trick is to rub it into the affected area for approx. 1 minute. This ointment contains benzocaine, it sort of kills the virus with the same effect as freezing. Try it, it works wonders. My sore never lasts more than 24-36 hours from start to finish.
February 05 2009

mbs from Magic Valley, ID (USA)

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Lysine Remedy

I would get cold sores at least two times a year. I started taking lysine about two years ago and have never gotten one to this day! Awesome...I can't believe it....love this remedy....highly recommend...
February 01 2009

Anonymous from Pasadena, CA

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