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L-lysine 500mg daily. I have not had a cold sore in at least 8 years! Before l-lysine I would get cold sores frequently, since childhood. I am a Master's degree nurse. I swear by this remedy! As always, please make sure that this naturally occuring amino acid does not interact with any medications before use. But a chance of this happening is slim to none. Always check with your physician.
January 05 2010

Leslie from PA

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VyGone Zapper

I have done tonnes of research on these nasty things. It may not be a totally natural cure but up to now have not found one, so I turned to this.

I came across a device which is called the “VyGone Zapper”. It Basically creates a minor current between positive and negative electrodes using a voltage between 9-12V. When placed over a Cold Sore it disrupts the virus’s molecules.
So it pretty much destroys the virus in its steps before: blisters, yellow pus, healing time, scabbing, embarrassment...and the rest.

Worked for me.
December 07 2009

Mark from CALGARY

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sun screen and super lysine

I get the cold sores, Herpes Complex B, after a weakening of the immune system and sun burns on my lips. I.E. sickness, stress, sleep deprivation, poor diet, and exposure to the sun. So, as a remedy I catch the little devils as soon as they rear their ugly little heads.

First thing is super Lysine. It is a immune system dietary supplement. Then I regularly apply Abreva. Lysine will dry the sore and the body out. I usually find the inside of my nose gets really dry and my skin tightens up a whole bunch. The Abreva will tingle a bit but i aplly it all day for like two days.

Be sure to stay away from tomatoes and red sauces as they only make the situation worse. When I go in the sun I get a chap stick with S.P.F.. Catching it quick is the key to not walking around with a huge sore for a week and a half. They will usually be much smaller and last only for about a few days. They are very contagious so these times usually result in reduced kissing and definitely no oral pleasuring while it is apparent for the risk of transferring it to the receiver in the form of Herpes complex C, which is not curable.

December 04 2009

Martin Schott from Baton Rouge, La USA

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Red sea algae cures it for a year

Absolutely the best of the best. You will agree. Take 2 red sea algae tabs every a.m. for a month and you will not have another outbreak for an entire year or more. I was having an out break every month or 2 and they were bad. Lysine and hydergine peroxide helped alot but the algae got rid of it. I now do the red once a year with no outbreaks. I AM FREEEEEEEE
November 12 2009

SCOT CLARK from san juan isl. washington state

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Lysine is a miracle!

For 40yrs I have always gotten a cold sore in the same spot on my lip (usually from stress or being sick)..then a few years ago I had been told if you take about 1000-2000mg's of Lysine at the first indication of a cold sore (itchiness,tingling) it will NOT materialize!! Never, have I been so amazed, have not had one in over 8yrs! Also, Lysine is water soluable, so do not worry about it hurting you. You just won't believe the results, but you must take it asap before it becomes full blown.
November 11 2009

Lori A. from Wellborn,TX USA

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Diet and L-Lysine supplements

I usually can't tell I'm getting a cold sore until I feel the first bump on my lip. I immediately take 4 500mg Lysine pills, and continue to take them, two with each meal, until the sore is gone. During that time I alter my diet and avoid all foods that have a greater amount of Arginine than Lysine and increase those that have more Lysine. I know this works because I got a cold sore on a Tuesday, did my routine and the scab fell off by Saturday. There was only one time when I deviated from my routine - blackberries were in season and I made a pie. After consuming half of the pie (over the course of a couple of days) a cold sore broke out in a new spot below the one that was already healing.
I did some research and found out that blackberries are very high in Arginine. Oops, won't do that again! I think I will try the alum powder next time. I also read that lemon balm ointment works.
September 04 2009

CMD from Bremerton, WA

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Bee Rescued Propolis works every time

I have used all sorts of remedies and they either don't work or they hurt like heck. Finally I got my hands on Bee Rescued Propolis Rescue Balm at a Sprouts Farmer's Market. I put it on and it doesn't hurt at all, in fact it feels really good. By the next morning the sore is gone! I used the stuff on sunburns and other "owies" and it really does help heal and sooth. From what the lady at Sprouts said, the propolis kills the virus and heals the damage done from the infection. Great stuff!
August 25 2009

Marco from Suprise, AZ

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L-Lysine Cures Cold Sores

Mega doses of the amino acid, L-Lysine, for a few days, will knock out a cold sore. If you have a problem of cold sores often, I suggest taking a tablet of L-Lysine daily. It can be purchased at WalMart in the vitamin section.
August 20 2009

Doreen from Iowa

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Garlic cloves

I read in a home remedy book that if you cut a garlic clove in half and rub it onto the cold sore this will heal it. I tried it and although it burned really bad, it worked!
July 31 2009

Lindsay from Pennsylvania

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RELEEV. Miraculous. Walgreens $19.99. Teeny bottle like ear drops come in, but zowie does it ever work. I have a cold sore kit of abreva, benedyne, alum, camphophen., oraljel pen, and take Lysine. This stuff is the BOMB!
July 02 2009

CJ from West by God VA

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Get Rid of Your Coldsore QUICKLY!

I have been getting cold sores since I was about 8-10 years old. Sometimes I would get them really bad, other times would just be very minor outbreaks.
Here is exactly what I do..it works for me everytime but everyone's body does work differently... but do give this a try.

First - If I can catch it before there is an actual breakout.

When I start feeling it coming, that awful tingling and a little bit of redness is beginning to appear, I take L-LYSINE immediately. On top of that, I use ZILACTIN. Dry the area, and apply a thin layer of this onto where your sore is appearing. It does sting, but it is going to A. Keep your sore contained, B. Take away discomfort (after the stinging sensation fades after a few seconds) and most importantly C. Dry out the sore.
Doing this BEFORE it breaks out, actually prevents the breakout. Also, before applying ZILACTIN, apply some HYDROGEN PEROXIDE with a cotton ball to the area. Just make sure it is dry before using the Zilactin. Wash your hands!!! Very important to keep your hands clean all the time when you have a sore, getting more dirt/germs onto it makes it worse!!!

Secondly, When it is too late, the cold sore just reared its ugly head overnight.

Now, we all know once that cold sore is out, it's there for at least a day or two. You wake up and its already a blistering sore. Here's how to speed up healing, my cold sore lasted less than 3 days this week...
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide. It cleans out the infection of the cold sore. You put this on cuts, to prevent infection, do the same with a cold sore. Apply with a cotton ball, let the peroxide do its job. It will bubble and turn white, but it is cleansing the sore. Use a damp warm cloth/tissue, and dab the peroxide away, do NOT wipe. Don't pick at the sore, it makes healing time longer. After the peroxide, I put a little bit of SPF moisturizer onto the sore. Let this dry, and put Zilactin. Keep repeating this. Also keep up with the Lysine. Take 2 Ibuprofen (MotrinIB). Acts as a pain reliever and helps with healing.
Also -- go to your doctor if it is really bad!!!! They can give you antibiotics which will make it heal ASAP, sometimes they also give a minor steroid to help as well, depending how serious your sore is. I've never had to do this but, they can help.

Whatever you do DON"T USE ABREVA!!! It is super expensive, and it just makes it worse. It sucks. I think the Zilactin costs 7.50? and you get 3 times as much than Abreva. It is a yellow gel, and it goes on clear.

The most important thing is to dry out the sore. Its going to scab over at some point when it breaks out, but the peroxide keeps it clean, and in most cases with me, makes the scab less noticable (not black...). Do not pick the cold sore it makes it so much worse, and will hurt more.
Stay away from salty foods, eat healthy while the sore is there (Veggies, Fruits, etc..).

I am very insecure and self-conscious when I have break outs, so I am so excited I finally found a method that works for me!! Hope it works out for someone else! Good luck!
July 02 2009

Jenn from Boston, MA

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Rubbing Alcohol Does the Trick

I am a newbie when it comes to cold sores, but I ended getting something similar on my arm almost 10 years ago. This is what I came up with: When/if you feel the tingle, itch, tightness or whatever you feel before the cold sore or herpes lesion comes out, rub some rubbing alcohol on it. The 91% is better, but the 70% will suffice. Then I put some Abreva on it. I'm telling you, it will never surface. If you don't have any rubbing alcohol on you but carry around the Abreva, use some hand sanitizer, it still has alcohol in it then apply the Abreva.

Since my ex had cold sores and didn't tell me until he kissed me with an active outbreak (jerk) I now get them. I ended up getting my 1st one on my lip while I was on vacation. I immediately rubbed some rubbing alcohol on it (My lip was already blown up by this time); I'm talking about rubbing it kind of hard which hurt. But it did bust all the blisters. I then held it there for a couple of minutes using a new cotton ball; I put some more on there until I couldn't take the pain anymore then applied some Abreva. It looked like I busted my lip because it was swollen. Within that hour it was scabbed over. I put some Blistex on it with some colored lip gloss (please use your finger then wash...don't contaminate your product) and went on about my day. The scab fell off in 2 days. It just looked like I busted my lip.

Now, whenever I feel something funny on my lip or like it's getting tight, I immediately put alcohol on it. You can even put in on that area and it will help prevent it from coming out. Do this as a part of your daily hygiene ritual and you will either prevent them from coming, or catch them early enough to not have a full outbreak. However, I do take Lysine and watch what I eat. I had to do research on it. I hope I don't get another one. I'm a female so hormones can trigger ours...if you're a female, you have to make sure you do the alcohol all the time if your period makes you get them. Hopefully when/if my body gets use to having this virus, I won't have to use this remedy as much. But I'm telling you, IT DOES WORK!

June 27 2009

Herpes Buster from Doesn't Matter, Anywhere

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