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Sounds like a winner

Last month, as soon as a cold sore appeared, I kept it covered with a a "glob" of Noxema and it never scabbed or got any bigger. After putting on make up, the sore was unnoticeable. This was a breakthrough for me since I have suffered from cold sores since I was a kid. The "glob" of Noxema works fine if you don't have to go out. But I'm going to take a tip from New York Alice and get some New Skin/liquid bandage to use along with the Noxema. Sounds like a winner for me!
January 06 2017

Victoria from Phoenix, IL

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Cold sore blues

Liquid Silver. Nothing worked until my grandmother told me about this year's ago. I have never turned back. Feel that tingle and itch start immediately put a dap of this on and it will never even appear. Feels like you are just putting a dap of water on. No burning, taste, or sensation. You wonder how is this ever going to work. Next day guaranteed it's gone. No scape or puffiness ever comes to play. Find at your whole food stores.
December 29 2016

Britney from Iowa

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2 day cold sore

As soon as you are aware there is a sore forming, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol (90%) and hold it on the sore, it soaks in to your skin killing the virus, apply this several more times to ensure a blister doesn't form, as alcohol dries any attempt of one forming up, then crush up 3 or 4 ibuprofen and mix it with a dab of vicks vapor rub, and apply to area, leave for as long as you can. If you must go out and don't want the paste on your lip, use the rubbing alcohol to rinse off and again soak into lip ensuring it stays dried. If you can keep the blister at bay you won't end up with a scab! This is what I use and you can't see anything by the beginning of the 3rd day. Good luck!
October 16 2016

T from Washington

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Liquid bandage!

I've been dealing with regular outbreaks for around a year now, and in spite of changes in diet, managing stress, and taking Lysine I still get the occasional small sore. One appeared last Friday night (it is now the following Wednesday), and I had a random thought: why not try using New Skin Liquid Bandage to seal it, help it heal? As you all know, the scab is the absolute WORST, and I, we all would do anything - literally, ANYTHING - to avoid that phase like the plague, especially with big meetings coming up this week. I headed to Target, bought the New Skin, painted it on my still blistered sore (god, it BURNS), and continued to reapply every few hours for the next 4 days. The burning eventually stopped and I swear to you all...today the sore is GONE. It never scabbed. It never oozed. It was just tucked away under an invisible, antibacterial shield where it slunk away and I never even had to hide from the world. IT IS A MIRACLE. Buy yourself 10 tubes and stash them everywhere. You'll just look like a paranoid mom. Saved my life, this stuff. I hope it saves yours.
August 24 2016

Alice from New York

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Aloe plant

When I would have a cold sore my dad tells me to go to the aloe plant in our front yard and put it on my lip. Every time I do that my cold sore last for 1-2 days.
August 16 2016

M. H. from Clearwater Florida

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Tea tree oil

I've been having sparatic cold sore break outs for quite some time and after reading thousands of articles and paragraphs I've found that the most effective and simple remedy consists of Alcohol, Tea Tree oil(truly a miracle), and Abreva.

We all know what to do once we feel the tingle, but if blisters surface pop them gently and clean, don't let the liquid get too far or it will spread the virus(this is where the alcohol comes into play), then through out the day place dabs of tea tree oil (which is a little smelly but sooooo worth it) straight onto the open blisters, once it dries up place abreva and repeat.
Go back and forth between the abreva and tea tree oil, this has dried up my sores so quickly and it's so relieving. I'm talking like 3-4 days and GONE. Hope you guys find this useful!!! It truly works.
June 17 2016

Alexandra from Nj

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Long term and active remedy

For long term:

Try lynsine 1000mg/day
Eat as much Garlic everyday as possible
Find out your triggers (Eg sugar) and avoid them
Eg sugar maybe 60g for an outbreak
Try fasting it has been shown to increase immunity
Eat a couple licorice sticks a day
Eat a lot of spicy food and immunity booster food
Try the 35 percent h2o2 method
(worst case)
Keep essential oils and outbreak procedures Eg.
Tea tree oil
Lavender oil
Peppermint oil

Short term (for active outbreaks)

Try mixing some oils together Eg tea tree and peppermint
Hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent external use only
If you rip or it comes of disinfect the area but do not apply any lip balms or cream that does not have an anti septic or anti viral property to reduce the he chance of secondary infection
Try ice (20 to 30 minutes directly to sore every 4 hours)
Try some over the counter
When outbreak occurs eat only vegetables and spices and herbs Eg. Pasta with onion, turmeric, ginger making sure ingredients are as raw as possible
Try going for a swim in the ocean for salt water making sure the cold sore is I'm the water for half an hour or so
Try using any household items such as lemon juice and garlic for external use

Some things of what not to do
Apply any lip balm such as paw paw for secondary Infection
Minimise sun exposure
Avoid eating every 3 hours and skip breakfast
May 06 2016

Fellow Sufferee from Anonymous

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I've been getting cold sores since I was a kid and I have found this to be the best cure. I keep a thing of lysine pills in my glove box in my car, one at home too. As soon as I feel one coming on I take a huge dose of lysine. Not sure how healthy this large amount is but it makes the cold sore dissapear.
So at first tingle or sight I'll take 5000 to 6000 mg as one dose. Then before bed another 4000 to 5000 mg. I'll continue with 10,000mg throughout the next day. The cold sore won't even materialize. Third day I'll pop maybe 3000mg just to be safe. That is the best treatment and I've tried everything.
April 01 2016

Tommy from Ri

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Coconut oil

I get cold sores in my nose. Took me a while to figure out what kept popping up there. Now I use coconut oil. Organic, unrefined is best. When I feel a break out coming on I rub coconut oil in and around my nose a few times a day for a few days and it recedes. I'm positive it will help you wherever your breaking out. Safe to use internally also. ( Have used it to cure yeast infection yikes!) It's really the best thing for your health. Antiviral, anti-fungal, antioxidant. Please do try coconut oil, all the hype around it these days is TRUE!!
February 08 2016

Cocopuffs from Big Onion

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Long term and short term

To prevent long term I take L-lysine 500mg (3 tablets at one time in the morning when on an empty stomach) with echinacea goldenseal complex (it has to be the one with goldenseal, 2 pills of those at the same time as l-lysine) I get them from Walmart.

Avoid sugar as much as possible even caffeine if you can and try to eat healthy. I did this for months on end and didn't get a cold sore and I normally get one every other month.
Well this holiday season I thought I would try acyclovir pills and see if that would help instead of the current vitamins...I was eating more sugar, drinking and not paying much attention to my eating and bam one cold sore after another, one week after another. (Which make sense because sugar impairs your immune system...Which allows those ugly suckers to pop up).

Also avoid tanning, use spf and if you can find Montana emu ranch peppermint Chapstick or any organic peppermint Chapstick use it everyday (I say organic so that you know it's actual peppermint oil being used.. Peppermint is known to help fight the herpes virus). To speed up the cold sore process (because I hate going outside with one of these) I first ice it as soon as you can, organic vanilla extract really helps so I put that on for a minute at a time (on a cotton ball and hold) and left it be for 30 minutes and ice again.
Once you do this a couple times let it sit for an hour after an hour do the vanilla extract again.

I also sometimes rotate Vick vapor rub and organic unrefined coconut oil on it as well when I'm letting it sit for an hour. Don't over slather it on only cover the cold sore and use a qtip. The virus/cold sore is really active you don't want to spread it to the areas around it...I always leave the edges of the cold sore as dry as I can.

(Believe me I have tried everything..Bleach, witch hazel, tea tree oil, abreva, nail polish, salt, apple cider vinegar, aloe Vera, lavender, garlic cloves and so on...What I find except for the witch hazel, aloe Vera, lavender and abreva is you end up fighting a swollen area for a couple of days and end up with a scab which would have taken the same amount of time for the blister to pop and crust over as you are fighting a big swollen area) After many hours of doing this I put hydrogen peroxide on a Cotton ball and hold it on there for a minute or two until you can see the blister is filled with it(it will look white).

I normally take a hot shower after this process and normally the top layer will be soft or popped. If not you can pop it but make sure it's with a needle and don't get the liquid on any other part of your skin or the area surrounding the cold sore. So have a qtip or tissue ready to clean any liquid. Sometime however the vanilla will pop it and dry it out on its own (I prefer it to pop on its own however both ways are effective). Once it's looks like a scab or is dried out I rotate between vanilla extract, coconut oil and preparation h.

You don't need to over do the coconut oil a light layer will help. Normally with this process I also take the l-lycine and echinacea pills that I talked about above as well (I boost up the l-lysine pills when I have a break out to 4/5 pills and spread them out during the day and only take on an empty stomach...

May also help to take some vitamin c pills as well. Read so great studies on vitamin c pills and the herpes virus). Normally the cold sore will be a dried out state by the following day. That's when I start the perpetration h is when it's dry and ready to heal. However, this is just what has worked for me. Maybe try vanilla extract, hydrogen peroxide, ice, Vicks vapor rub and coconut oil and preparation h in different way or only one at a time. But these items I find help fight it the quickest.

I think trying to prevent them by eating healthy, taking vitamins, working out (helps reduce stress for me) and avoiding foods that cause them is a lot easier than getting rid of it and feeling like I don't want to go in public.
December 08 2015

Kayla from CA

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Ok, I have tried EVERYTHING! For me...The only thing that works is alcohol, it dries it out. If you use it early enough, you'll have no blisters to dry out. Anything w/ alcohol: hairspray, vodka, listerine is great!!!! Many many times a day...Keep that motha DRY with alcohol!!!
December 04 2015

Roberta from Okc

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Go away cold sore

I use rubbing alcohol directly on the sore. Then I use anusol ... Yes. Hemorrhoid cream. It works amazing!! Way better then Abreva which is over priced... The anusol keeps the swelling down. Keeps the redness down.. And dries it up in no time...
November 23 2015

Ali from Canada

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