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59 Home Remedies for Colds

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Hot Peppers

To clear out your sinuses:

Eat something that's as spicy as you can handle. (Your mouth should burn not tingle) Have a box of tissues close by.
June 08 2009

Zach from USA

22 5

Cough stoper for 2 hours

Mint, peaper mint, spermint, hazelnut tea's drink a lot of. If it don't work drink it stringer.
June 07 2009

releaf from usa

2 10

Garlic and Chicken Broth

Mince 4 cloves of garlic, add to store bought chicken broth and simmer for 10 minutes. Drink, it shortens cold symtoms.
May 24 2009

Rosey from Ontario, Canada

12 5


Add 1/4 in total to your usual hot coffee or tea;
Butter, Vodka, and honey.
Please note do not consume sugar and milk, sweeten your hot drink with honey only.

April 30 2009

Mariam Victoria from Melbourne Australia

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Cold be gone

Kangen water HELPS anything colds, flu, diabedias, cancer, and more

mix reliv with kangen water and ...."bottoms up!"
April 22 2009

MPK from los angles, CA USA

3 45

Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C C C !

To get rid of a nasty cold it is important to get alot of Vitamin C. Therfore you should get one single vitamin c pill. Then you should crush the pill with a bottle or something heavy but not too heavy like a hammer. Then you should put the grains of the pill into a glass of orange juice. That way you will get double the c. It worked for me so I hope it works for you.
April 14 2009

Anonymous from Ny USA

5 7

Hot Grapefruit Toddy

This is an old family remedy that works every time. Fresh washed grapefruit(unpealed)cut in quarters, water to cover. Stew the fruit until tender. Strain and add pure honey to taste. This will taste bitter because of the acid. Sip as hot as you can. Wrap up in your favorite blanket and sweat the cold out of your body.
February 12 2009

Rosie from Palm Coast FL

13 3



Just pop a zinc supplement (50 MG) at night when you go to bed, every night. Keeps colds and allergies away. Our bodies don't produce zinc, so whatever you eat that contains it, gets peed out. so you need to replace it. Zinc is great also for clear skin.
January 15 2009

terri from warren, ri

18 9

Honey and honey soap

You can take honey by itself and you can use Honey soap like Honey I washed the Kids from Lush which works really good for overall general health and for long lasting health in general. But the key is Honey. It's very very good for you. Everyone should use lots of honey and not underestimate how good it can be for your health and mental health and body health
January 13 2009

Sophia from Ohio, USA

19 6

Cold cure

Get three slices of fresh ginger bring to the boil add two table spoons of honey and leave to cool this remedy works best while a little hot or warm.
January 09 2009

chris from New York

23 7


Take a grapefruit (ruby red works best) and cut it in half. Put the halves in the mircowave for 3 minutes each. (warming them up releases antioxidants or something) Eat both halves with a spoon and drink the juice. It tastes quite bitter, but it works! The cold is gone almost instantly.
January 02 2009

Brenna from Seattle

14 10

End the cold

Juice 2 ginger roots and lemon and boil it. Then, after it has cooled a little add 1 tablespoon of rum. After that mix it all together. Then get a shot glass and take a shot of it about every hour. Remember to stay warm and only drink orange juice for that day. This remedy should end the cold in about a day.
January 02 2009

jay from usa

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