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59 Home Remedies for Colds

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Hot Tea and cough drops

When I am sick with a cold, I will brew a pot of herbal tea. Pour the tea into a cup and add 1 or two menthol cough drops and a teaspoon of honey. Inhaling the steam opens airways and the warm liquid helps with coughs
February 26 2010

JennyGirl from Midwestern, USA

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Lemon Rum Toddy

In a coffee cup put 1/3 cup Rum (any brand), 1/3 cup lemon juice, and 1/3 cup boiling water. Drink this right before going to sleep. Has been used to help with H1N1 with good success.
February 02 2010

Tom from Lubbock, TX

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Breathing while you sleep with a cold!!!

I know this sounds really gross, but if you eat Vicks Vapor Rub (just a little) you will be able to breath. It also helps with a cough. Sounds nasty but it really does work. At first I didn't want to but my dad made me, and it worked really well!
January 13 2010

Gretta from Anytown, AT 55555

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Chicken Soup

Chicken soup seems to help a lot. You can buy it from stores, or you can prepare it at home. It helps body's immune system and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Always works good for me.
December 09 2009

Zaki from Macedonia

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sinus relief steamed hell

Put the hottest peppers you know in a jar with tight lid, put then salt water in a big pot wait to boil, while waiting put a half a cup of lemon water in the jar and put jar in oven and wait 5-10 min or until the pot boils. Put the jar in the pot and cover, wait 10mins and take out the jar and chew ONE pepper thats inside the jar, do not swallow.
December 02 2009

mama du from USA

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Patty Lou's Peppermint cough and cold medicine.

Cup of honey, cup of lemon juice, 15 of the soft peppermint balls put all this in a quart jar, then fill the rest of the jar up with you favorite, whiskey, vodka, or bourban. Let this sit for a few days until all the peppermints are gone then just keep in the cabinet until needed. When needed shake well and consume about a half of a cup twice daily.
November 03 2009

Justin Clark from Mississippi

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Irritated/Inflamed/Sore/Coughing Throat

It's simple and very very very effective, almost works instantly.... for best results take before entering bed to go to sleep, and DO NOT drink any water or other liquids after it.
Here it is ..... enjoy and get well quickly.
(1). Get an empty drinking glass and put in a tablespoon full of honey ONLY (anytype of honey)
(2). Slice of a 50pence piece size of FRESH ginger, about the thickness of your pinky (small finger)
(3). Now squeeze and press that piece of ginger, untill you have all the liquid you can get out of it (use a small plate and a large spoon to do this), then put the ginger liquid into the same glass with the honey in it.
(4). Put half a teaspoon of Black pepper powder into that same glass, and mix all the three together. (Honey/Ginger Liquid/Black Pepper).
(5). Pour the mixture into a Large spoon and slowly swollow it down, making sure you take a small bit at a time, like sucking a piece of toffee. Finish the whole amount and DO NOT drink any other liquids or water to try to get rid of the taste, the taste will be gone in about 5 mins.
The ginger and pepper are pretty strong in taste, so dont be put off. This is a very old, time tested remedy with all natural parts, it works wonders and does NOT have any adverse effects whatsoever. Ask your granny or grandad they will tell you so. Get well soon.
October 20 2009

Danyal from London, UK

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Garlic Mint Tea

Makes 2 servings 1 cup each.

Place 2 cups water into saucepan, add 2 large cloves garlic. Bring to boil remove from heat, add 2 mint teabags into pan, cover and brew for at least 5min. Pour tea into large mug including 1 of the cloves of garlic and add 1 tblsp honey. Breath steam from tea as you sip it and eat the garlic clove.
October 12 2009

Honey from New England

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Cure all for sinus and cold

This recipe works everytime, I put half a quart of liquor (I prefer georgia moon)in another jar and add lemon juice till it's a bit tart add honey until it's sweet to the taste shake well and take one swallow about four times aday and night. (I make mine with a stronger liquor taste) in one day you will notice how much your cold and sinus"s are better.
September 07 2009

DORIS F. from south carolina

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Cold kicker

My remedy is to drink lots of fluids to avoid fever and dehydration, take vitamin c, take a hot bath, put on warm clothes, and plug up the humidifier and sweat it out. Wake up the next day with more fluids and more vitamin c. I give my kids vitamin c starting in june each year in order to build up their immune system for the following winter. Rest properly whenever possible and eat lots of fruits and vegetable each day.
September 03 2009

T . Hudson from Brownsville, Tn - The south!!!

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Rub on Alcohol

My son is 3 years old and like all little kid they hate to have their noses pumped so I got some alcohol and rubbed it on his chest then took a cotton ball and dipped it in the alcohol rubbed it under his nose for he could breath while he slept the next morning the cold was running out like water gross but it works.

August 12 2009

Shameki McNealy from Tallahassee,Fl

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Honey and Lemon

Buy some honey, (solid or liquid) if solid melt it in the microwave. Get some lemonade and pour the honey into it. Then put the cup of honey and lemonade into the microwave for about 50 seconds. Drink, you should feel better soon after, this only occurs for a few hours. but make every hour to feel constantly better!
July 24 2009

ashleigh from U.K

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