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59 Home Remedies for Colds

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Cold help

A shot or two of Blackberry Brandy, or Boilo (A drink made from honey, oranges, cinnamon, bay leaves, peppercorns, and 4 queens whiskey).
May 10 2014

Bobby from Tamaqua, Pa

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Wait it out

Maybe this isn't what anyone wants to hear, but preventing immune response might not be a good idea. Just get lots of rest and let it do its thing. Having a cold virus symptom is simply an immune response to the virus, so let your body do what it needs to do to fight it. People with strong immune systems will have much worse cold symptoms than other people because their immune systems will be attacking it more, and more sensitive. So actually, a cold is a good sign. If you try and get rid of it faster, you'll just be raising your risks of catching something worse in the future.

That means someone with a truly "weak" immune system won't get cold symptoms at all, they'd probably just succumb to the virus. So it's not like the answer is to lower your immune system either. Things like polar bear swims will help your immune system - because it actually attacks your immune system (lowers it) forcing the immune response to react faster, quicker, stronger, done on a regular basis, your immune system will get very strong as a result. That's why it's known to cure cancer.

So you actually want to do things to trick your body into thinking it is being attacked by foreign bodies, (or for real) so that you can learn to become more immune to things in the future. This means that swimming in bacteria infested lakes or ponds could actually be a good thing, if you're immune system is already in decent shape. Immunity simply means that you have gotten dirty, played with germs and bacterias and have gotten sick enough times in your past to be immune to sicknesses in the future, but now they are creating so many new strains of viruses, and they are probably targeting certain groups of people based on DNA and other specific things - it probably has nothing to do with how healthy or how unhealthy you are. It is biological warfare people! None of these things on here will help you prevent that.

It's probably a good thing to get sick to get used to some of these new virus strains because if you haven't been sick for a long time and suddenly catch one of these new viruses, it'll just be real bad for you! Become immune by becoming immune - the only way to do that is to gradually introduce your body to the things you want to be immune to.

So let your kids play in the dirt, stop using hand sanitizer, eat lots of bacterias (like probiotics) and stop being a germ freak. But even then, you still might not be able to be immune to some of these new man created viruses, unless someone can identify what they are targeting exactly, otherwise, getting sick with the strain once could be good, so that you can be immune to future alterations of the strains that might get worse as time goes on.
April 07 2014

Sabrina from Canada

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Sore throat and chest congestin

Pinch of sea Salt 1/2 lime - juiced 1/2 Teaspoon olive oil 1/2 teaspoon Honey 1 teaspoon Whiskey, brandy or over proof rum Mix together the lime juice, olive oil and salt, (I use a metal soup ladle) and heat on stove until it comes to a slight boil. Poor into a small glass dish or shot glass and add whiskey and honey, stir well and sip.
The salt and lime juice and whiskey will help breakdown the phlegm and relieve the congestion, the oil and honey will coat and soothe the throat.
March 16 2014

Bajan home remedy from USA

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Help for Common Cold

A shot of ginger brandy in hot tea (apricot is good) along with honey and lemon seems to help.
December 14 2012

Lily from NY

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Hot tea with cough drops and vodka

Cup of hot tea, add 3 cough drops, water must be super hot for cough drops to melt, add in however much vodka you like, lemon juice, a little sugar! It helps sore throat and cough!
January 20 2012

Ashley from Knox, TN

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Passionfruit watermelon kiwifruit strawberry herbal thermal tea, hot fruit punch, thermaflu, alka seltzer orange, orange juice, cranberry juice, grape juice, white grape juice, white peach juice, orange pineapple juice, apple juice, apple cider, pineapple juice, tomato juice, cold remedies, fruit punches, teabags, teas.
November 19 2011


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Vitamin C

As soon as a feel a cold coming on I take 2 500mg of Vitamin C in the morning and bed time. I still get the cold but it's a lot less sever and last less time. If I don't then I get the full blown cold that last 10 days.
September 06 2011

Earl from Mesa, AZ

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Auntie Ann's Tea

My aunt was a farmers wife in Wisconsin. At the first sign of a sore throat and runny nose she would make us a cup of HOT tea with a shot of Brandy and a spoon of honey. Off to bed. Next morning, we were fine.
March 29 2011

John K from New Berlin,WI

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Cold and flu prevention/frankincense&myrrh

It is a rubbing oil, for feet and ankles does work real well. I use it on my 2 year old grandson, keeps him from coughing at night, and day time, I buy this at health food store. I sprinkler caynenne red pepper in my shoes to keep me from getting sick in winter. We live where is gets real cold in winter and snows.
July 24 2010

dj from n.c.

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Old Fashioned Cough Remedy

The recipe is from "Herbally Yours" by Penny C. Royal, 3rd Edition, June 1982. It seems to work for all kinds of coughs but especially for that dry hacky cough that keeps you awake and hangs on long after the cold is over.

I have a persistent cough most of the time due, in part to a medication I take for another condition, and the fact that I have asthma. I found this recipe years ago and use it frequently when my cough seems to be out of control. It is not a cure, but seems to "hit the right spot" that sweet cough remedies and lozenges never seem to touch. I double and triple the recipe from time to time and it keeps well.

* 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
* 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
* 1 Tablespoon honey
* 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
* 2 Tablespoons water
Mix and take by the teaspoon.

June 19 2010

Donna Caroselli from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Relief for Snotty Nose and Sore Throat

If you get a cold, and have a snotty nose and sore throat, the best thing I have found was to go to the corner Chinese restaurant and get some of their Hot and Sour Soup! Great stuff for relief of colds but not a cure.

Also cut down on your intake of sugar. Virus's love sugar!

Do NOT do what my manager suggested when I told her I had a cold. She said drink some blackberry brandy. So I did, and yeah, it gave me relief because it knocked me out! hahaha. The next day I still had a cold!

Also I tried those cold medicines like Nyquil, and yeah they gave me relief, but I think all they did was prolong the time it took for the cold to go away.
March 24 2010

Marsha M from W. Virginia

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Sinus Relief & Breathing with a Head Cold

To relieve your head cold or blocked sinuses, massage your finger tips or toes, applying strong pressure right behind the nails. Spend about a minute on each one and you should start to feel relief straightaway.
You may even sneeze or need to blow your nose as the mucus starts to move or drain away! You may also hear fluid passing behind your ears, so you will then know something is happening.
Do this just at bedtime or when you wake up at night, not able to breathe or all blocked up. It should help you get some sleep which always helps the healing process and stops you feeling like death!
March 01 2010

TJ Doran from Dublin, Ireland

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