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78 Home Remedies for Acne

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Turmeric will help cure acne, pimples

Turmeric taken 3x daily at 500mg will aid her acne.

Avoid sugars and feeding the fungus inside the body that is mostly responsible for the body's attack of fungus on the skin that we call acne.
December 26 2006

Hans from Los Angeles, CA

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inside out!

My daughter started getting acne in her late teens. She tried all the expensive Rx crems and took low grades of antibiotics for over a year. Nothing worked! Then a well-known nutritionist suggested she get plenty of good bacteria from probiotics or yogart daily. He also suggested she clean her face with whatever wored best for her, followed by a two min. face splash of 6 or 8 drops of iodine mixed in two quarts of lukewarm water. Use a fresh batch of face spalash morning and night. Worked great!!
Healthy skin is from the inside out!!

August 03 2006

Samanthia's Mom from Richton, Ms USA

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Rub a dub dub

Just put some rubbing alcohol on your zits and then just do it for a while.
June 01 2006

Davie Potsendar from CA

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A little help

Dab on some toothpaste. It will at least remove the redness when you need to go out on a date.
October 03 2005

Anonymous from At home

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Pimples... yuck!

Nothing like getting ready to go out on a date and BAM! a pimple pops up.

A quick cure is to dab some lemon juice on it, it will dry up quickly.
September 27 2005

JB the surfer from CA

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Acne Home Remedy

Mix a cup of hot water with a 1/4 tsp of salt, and apply to the pimple with a cotton ball. Evidently, the heat opens the pore and the salt tends to draw out the infection.

This makes sense to me, because whenever I use to go swimming in the ocean, my face would clear up all the time. The ocean is salt water right?
September 27 2005

Carol from CT

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