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78 Home Remedies for Acne

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Steam facial

My face started breaking out about a year prior. It started out with those little red pimples, and eventually turned into a full blown facial nightmare! I acquired multiple pimples, the huge ones under the skin that you can't see at first, but eventually turn into those enormous and painful red mounds. I tried all sorts of over the counter regimens with no avail.

-One day I decided to mix whatever I could find from the pantry into a boiling pot of water and soak it up. I put a couple green tea bags, honey, orange rinds, rosemary seasoning, and sea salt. I turned the heat to low just to keep the steam from dying, put a towel over my head, and gave my face a steam bath for close to a 1/2 hour. I saw a massive improvement overnight! I repeated this every other day and my skin is finally pimple free! It also got rid of a ton of blackheads I've had for ages covering my nose!
-I had also applied a light layer of lotion with no minerals to my face after rinsing with frigidly cold water.
-I do have very sensitive skin and my face did start peeling off the dead top layer. I used a fresh washcloth when I showered to gently rub the skin away. Within a couple days the flakes were gone and my skin looked better than ever.
(I haven't tried adding or subtracting any ingredients since this worked great for me, but I'm sure if you mix your own concoction you may find an even better one to suit your facial needs.)
May 07 2008

Katie from Detroit, MI

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Egg Yolk Mask

Egg yolk is full of vitamins and I'm pretty sure when applied topically, they're absorbed by the body much faster. (Getting enough vitamin A in your diet and drinking enough water is also very important) For acne, I used to put egg yolk in a bowl, use a blush brush to apply it to all red spots, let it dry & then wash it off. You should see results within a week.
May 06 2008

Kelly from Las Vegas, NV

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High Dose Vitamen A

Adults may take up to 10,000 Iu. Do not take more! Doses higher than 25,000 I.U. are known to be toxic. Children may not take more than 5000 I.U. per day. This dose should be BID or twice per day. The dosage really should be based of the body weight. You should remain on the dose for 5 months! Expect dry skin, chapped lips. Watch for any side effects beyond. This treatment is based of ACCUTANE theroy of action! so please consult your physician first!
September 14 2007

X-Acne from UK

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Im now on birth control, which helps my skin so much, but before I started taking it, Id tried everything...all those oral and topical medications..nothing was working. Im half black and half white, so I have some pretty darn difficult skin! One day..It just came to me to put betadine on my face. Mom put it on my wounds when I was little and I remembered how it made a sort of film when it dried. ...Every time I used something else to take out the oil and make my face rather matte at night before bed, I would wake up and Id be as oily as ever. With the betadine, it would dry, and create a film. When Id wake up, my face would not be oily whatsoever.

Just grab some betadine and apply it with a cotton ball or washcloth to the entire face. You might look a little funny when it dries cuz youll be kinda orange and your face will be a little stiff, but when you sleep..the orangeness will fade, but the film will still be there. and youll be able to move your face! Just rinse it off, or apply make up directly over it! The film betadine creates is awesome because It kills germs and bacteria, and it protects your face from anything getting in! I thought this was just so freakin neat that I wanted to share with yall. I hope this helps. Thanks much for reading!
September 11 2007

Rachel from Clovis, CA USA

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No cure, prevention

There is no "Cure" for acne. The only thing you can do is Prevent future outbreaks.

Acne is nothing but a clogged pore. The pores get clogged because dirt and oils from your face clog them. The best way to prevent clogs is to get rid of the Oil and Dirt.

WASH YOUR FACE EVERY DAY. Teenagers get oily skin, and they touch their faces a lot. NEVER touch your face with your hands. Wash regularly with a clean washcloth, and a mild soap. Severe scrubbing is not needed, just a wash up to clean the oil and dirt.

My brothers and sisters were Pizza faces, and mine was fairly minor acne. I washed every night before bed, and followed up with a rubbing alcohol wipe across the oiliest parts (nose, chin, forehead.)

I discovered later in life that there were tests done with several acne products to see which did the best job, and just plain face washing was the clear winner.

Inexpensive, and common sense. And it works. : )
July 07 2007

KM from New Hampshire

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How to clear acne overnight

You can use Preperation H on your face, i know it's not for acne but my mom told me i should try it so i did one night i had this really aggravaiting bump on my chin. So i try this and it really worked!
May 05 2007

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Tea Tree Oil

As soon as you notice a zit or cyst coming on put the oil on 3-4 times a day, within a day or two you should have a white head there so that you will be able to pop it. If the cyst is full blown it does not work, then I have to go to my dermatologist. But if you catch it early this works so good you probably wont use any thing else!!
April 25 2007

Cindy from Mundare, Alberta, Canada

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Apple cider vinegar

Dilute organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother). Use about 1part vin to 10 parts filtered water. I apply with a cotton ball after I wash my face. I never had acne as a teen, but I have it terribly during my pregnancies.

I just discovered this cure a few months ago, but I wish I had known during my previous pregnancies- I was embarrassed every time I left the house.
March 30 2007

Anonymous from Red Lion, PA

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Take an extra Zinc tablet in addition to your vitamins!
March 20 2007

Tamara from Phoenix, az

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All natural diet

You have to attack acne where it starts, with your diet. For me, diet was the cause and solution. Topical medications fight the symptoms. Start by eliminating trans fats and eating more fruits and vegetables. Once you start cleaning up the inside of your body, by eating properly, the outside of your body (your skin) will be get cleaned up too. I started a website to document my problem and solution.


You might find it helpful to read my story. Just remember to eat an all natural/organic diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed foods. Use mild, all natural cleansers and don't pick at your face. Get lots of sleep and enough water for your body weight. Remember, clean body = clean skin. While you're waiting for your skin to clear, remind yourself that acne is a challenge that you will overcome soon. Once you're rid of it, tell all your friends how you did it. That's what I'm doing. God Bless.

March 04 2007

FredsTown.com from New Jersey

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Aspirin and citrus

Crush an aspirin with a spoon and sprinkle some lemon juice on it then rub the paste on your pimple. the aspirin will pull the toxins out of the skin and the lemon will eliminate the redness
March 03 2007

sue ann from Trinidad and Tobago

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Gets the Red Out

Just drop some Visine on your acne. dont touch it or rub it. let it air dry and over night it will dry them up. Only works for small blemishes though. if you have larger pimples it may take longer.
February 14 2007

valaria from Rockford, IL USA

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