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78 Home Remedies for Acne

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Get it gone

Put part alcohol part tooth paste in a small container then apply to spots as a over night mask wash off in morning do it a couple days and it will go away.
November 10 2008

dixie from pmv, Ga

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Vitamin E 1000 iu twice daily.

When I had acne problems as a teen I took vitamin E Jell Caps and the acne would go away in a few days.
The formula I used: first of all, stay away from all junk and fast foods. Stay away from sweetened drinks such as sodas and other artificial drinks. Drink only filtered water and take natural vitamin E Jell Caps. 1000 IU twice a day.
September 22 2008

Flex from Texas

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Carrot Juice

Drink a glass of carrot juice a day. Fresh is better, but store bought is ok.

I also noticed a lot of remedies on here that aren't "natural", like Accutane or high doses of vitamin A. Carrot juice is the natural way to get the same results as those products, and a much healthier way.
September 11 2008

Milena from Michigan

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I have very oily skin and pimples have always been an issue. Within the last few years I have been using Tea Tree oil on them. It comes in a small bottle that you can get at a health food store however The Body Shop also sells it as well as a whole line for your face. The minute is see a pimple forming I grab a q-tip and and just dab it on. Its an AWESOME product.
September 08 2008

Carol S from Connecticut

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NATURAL ingrediants we always use

OK, first of all this is for people with super sensitive skin. I've tried everything and nothing has seemed to work except NATURAL ingredients we use everyday. Everything else just seems to make my face worse and broken out!!!!!

OK first of all to get rid of HUGE pimples and reduce them I mean the very day, get a q tip and put hydrogen peroxide on the blemish for 10 minutes. After that don't forget to close your mouth because it will reduce 3/4 the size before your very eyes!! I was shocked. Well I found out that too much hydrogen peroxide irritates my eyes with the fumes so this is just the first step.
Use sparingly to reduce the huge zits the very day.

Then put coconut oil on your face at bedtime.

Get up in the morning and wash your face with basic baking soda and water to make a paste.

Then drink 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar in (I use apple and cranberry zinger tea) something you drink every morning with LOTS of honey. It tastes great this way.

After you do this put aloe gel on your face in the middle of the day when you don't go out.

If you do this I SWEAR to you you will have perfect clear skin within days and you don't need those expensive cleaners.

LOOK, nothing has worked for me and this has so its a miracle. I'm So INTO natural products now that I look it up for everything because it WORKS.

Check out my cold remedy too it will heal your cold within the next day no lie.

Sorry so long but this regimen works! and I know how all of you feel. ACNE sucks but it can be cured.

August 28 2008

Heidi from USA Texas

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Sea Salt

I was givin sea salt to spray on my ear piercing and so I would spray it on my face too. Works Great. You can buy Sea Salt anywhere and it's cheap. Also Vitamin A & Magnesium for pimples. B1 for white heads, and Biotin every day. I noticed results 3-4 days with just the vitamins.
August 28 2008

Kristen Martin from Concord, NC

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OK, I'm 13, and I openly admit: my face looked like it was fresh out of Frankenstine's Monster. so I went to a dermatologist, and she gave me a prescription for a cream called Retin-A.
It starts working in a couple days, and within about 1-3 weeks my skin was totally cleared up :)
August 25 2008

Alex from Virginia

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If you have sensitive skin, stripping your face and applying ribbing alcohol will only make your acne condition worse.

I am one of those people with highly sensitive skin. and believe me, I've tried practically every "cure" for acne possible. Nothing can CURE acne, but somethings can prevent, eliminate and restore.

I highly suggest proactiv. Just the three basic steps AND the refining mask. I want to emphasize how useful the mask is. Made from china clay and sulfer, it soothes redness and clears dirt. However, I do not follow the recommended 10 minutes 2-3 times a week. instead I found wearing the mask all night, every other day (after the basic three steps) keeps my skin clear, softens it, removes blackheads AND diminishes pore size. it is most effective and you'll see results within days! It's also great for spot treatment.

(there is a similar product to proactice, but much less expensive. It's called AcneFree. I Highly suggest this if you don't plan on purchasing proavtiv)

If you find proactiv too expensive, I have a few other suggestions.

Hydrogen peroxide is very useful if your face continues to produce too much oil. Apply with a cotton ball to damp face 3-4 times a day and leave it there.

Another prevention, if you are currently using ANY kind of cleaner or moisturizer with oils or rubbing alcohol, consider stopping. Natural and oil-free moisturizers are the best. Make-up is another culprit for acne. Use organic products without oil.

If you work out, and sweat a lot, bring a wash cloth (or rinse your face with water) to avoid prolonged exposure to salty sweat. Dried sweat on your skin is one of the number one reasons for pimples.

Eating oily foods is not the best idea either. However eating habits do not affect all people it may be affecting you. Try to avoid food with fatty oils.

Fruits and Vegetables. Natures purest food! eat them regularly, and abundantly. They contain many vitamins necessary for healthiness.

Btw- for those of you who say continually washing your face with JUST water is the BEST remedy, you need to do more research. Continually washing your face strips already existing oils off of the skin. The body reacts naturally to this by producing MORE oil, creating more plugging of pores and resulting in MORE breakouts.

I haven't time to type out ALL my advice, but if you REALLy need something affective right away(and none of the above work for you)

PLEASE feel free to email me at solushunz.4U@gmail.com
August 15 2008

Jazz from California

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Weird but true

I'm 13 years old and I have more acne then I like, so one day I was searching and I came across this mixture. All you do is mix plain vanilla yougurt with plain oatmeal and a around 5-7 drops of lemon juice, mix it all together and spread all over your face and let sit for 5 minutes, make sure you laying down because it does drip. once the 5 minutes are up wash it off with hot water. It doesn't cure acne right away but over time it does, not only that but an amazing skin softener as well!
June 28 2008

Maisie Lynn from Yucaipa CA, USA

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Healthy food

I'm 13 and have been eating healthy food and havent had acne for almost a year now so just eat healthier if its a problem!
June 23 2008

Anonymous from USA

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Acne Purell

I get pimples every now and then, but one day I felt one appearing on my face. I use Purell hand sanitizer for my hands, but my face kept itching and I didn't want to touch it with my hands so I put the Purell on my hands to cleanse them off and then put the Purell on my people. I contnued to this 3 times during the day, and to my surprise the pimple was no longer appearing. Amazing! Try it, It works, stop that pimple in it's tracks.
May 28 2008

Dee from Connecticut

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Vitamin B Stress Complex.

I already eat a very healthy diet, and am very active, but I was getting monthly PMS zits on my chin for a few years in my late 20's! An older woman in a health food store suggested this simple fix, which is beneficial all around. I have had them clear up for 5 months running now and am convinced that supplementation is needed in our world today! Hope it helps.
May 23 2008

Lara from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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