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78 Home Remedies for Acne

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Common things!

Many things can effect your amount of acne. Like, lack of excersize, to many sweets and grains, and stress. If you manage those things carefully, acne shouldn't come as severly. To get arid of acne you have already, just stick some toothpaste over each problem at night, and the red-ish color won't be there in the morning, or, just put a drop of fresh orange juice, directly from an orange, and let the acid do the trick!
June 05 2009

Lyssa from Usa

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Take a clean white cloth and use this to catch your first morning urine mid-stream and wipe this over your face. Allow to air dry, you will feel your pores tighten and possibly sting, once dry shower and clean your face with neutrogena original glycerine soap. If you can also use some urine at nite and not rinse it off until the morning it works quite well also. I wasn't able to do the all night thing as my husband kept saying something smelled funny. If you drink enough water your urine should not stink but its not will be noticeable if you have to sleep in close quaters with someone.

Now let me acknowledge that when I first heard about this I thought for sure this was the most disgusting thing I had ever heard, until every option I had for my acne no longer worked, no change in diet made a difference and so I secretly tried this and it worked perfectly. I don't use it everyday anymore, I only use the neutrogena soap daily and the urine when needed.

May 17 2009

Michaela from miami, fl USA

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Baking Soda

I mix baking soda with my facial cleanser and wash my face. After I make a paste out of baking soda and water rub onto my face and leave it on until it flakes then rinse it off with cold water.
May 12 2009

Veronica from Anaheim,CA

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Acne gone

I drink 2tsp of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar every evening with 8 oz of water...You will need it to wash down the -acv-.
It takes about1-2 weeks to see a difference.
May 09 2009

Acne be gone from Illinois

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Oatmeal face wash

Put 2 cups of plain oats in a bowl 1 tdsp of honey and a third of a mashed up banana stir and mix up. Apply to damp face leave on for 5 min. wash.

p.s. it may be a little sticky but it works. Hope it works for you. p.s.s. it makes a great face wash for a big slumber party.

May 06 2009

jamey from arizona

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Dealing with Moderate/Severe Acne

Ok so I tried the dermatologist thing (including microdermabrasions every week) as well as Proactiv and Zenmed and supplements. My acne was between moderate and severe.

Unfortunately no one ever convinced me that your diet can possibly affect acne - until I was in college. I stopped eating a ridiculous amount of sugary and white flour foods (especially candy, breads, jam, cookies, etc.) and started eating more vegetables/fruit/whole wheats/etc and avoided processed foods (going organic is good way to do that). Amazingly my acne cleared up. Like unbelievable. I also stopped using facial products and just stuck with regular glycerin soap. (I've been having success with this for probably 4 years now).

A lot of you are on a typical American diet (and some probably eat WAY too much crap like I did) and you ain't gonna do much for yourself if you stick with that diet - no matter what product or trick you use. Those tricks pretty much only work for the occasional pimple if your face is pretty clear already.

I still struggle with my sugar addiction so when I eat too much junk I'll get some zits again. But if I can control that my face does wonderfully well. (Try replacing sugar with things like stevia...you can even sprinkle stevia over unsweetened corn flakes for cereal...and I love coffee with stevia).
March 27 2009

Dumont from Evanston, IL

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Hand Sanitizer for Acne

My daughter uses hand sanitizer to keep her acne at bay. It is basically rubbing alcohol in a gel form, but it is easy to squirt some into your hand and apply like a lotion AFTER you have washed your face.
January 29 2009

Meshell from God's Country, USA

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Acne cure

This is the best way I found to stop acne is to wash your face with a soft and water-soaking towel this clenses the pores that causes the acne then after you wash your face apply face cream gently on the face(this works with most quality face creams) hope it works for you!
January 24 2009

chris from new york

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Change your diet & cure your acne

I've found that my skin breaks out when I eat chocolate, wheat products, or ingest caffeine. Acne isn't really a skin problem. The body isn't processing something that it's allergic to, so it eliminates the toxins thru the skin. You have to get rid of the source of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. Acne is just a symptom of an internal issue. I strongly recommend consulting w/ a naturopath. Dermatologists have never helped me clear up my skin. They don't understand that it's a systemic problem.
January 15 2009

Tina from Seattle, WA USA

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Have oilier skin? Use alcohol!

My face is relatively oily in general and I have been struggling with breakouts since I was 13. I do use proactiv and that has helped a lot but I have also found that I do not like their toner (or other toners out there in the marketplace) so my mom suggested using rubbing alcohol instead of those other toners full of chemicals.

Directions: Clean face with warm water (enough to open your pores but not burn them!) and your usual scrub or wash. Then apply simple rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball. You will want to use 2 or 3 cotton balls to ensure that you are really cleaning your face. The smell is very strong so do not breathe in the fumes. It's extremely simple and has really worked well on my face.

Hope this works!
January 05 2009

Rachel from Harrisburg, PA

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Simplicity: 7 easy steps

1. Hydrate. I never used to drink water. Sometimes I drank pop, mostly I was just dehydrated. Drinking water (at least 64oz a day) is crucial to keeping your body circulating the toxins OUT.

2. Ivory Soap. It's simple, it's cheap and it's pure. No additives, no fragrances, nothing that will irritate your skin. I used to irritate my skin by overwashing and scrubbing with all that acidic junk out there.

3. Soap and water dry out your skin. You might think you want it dried out, but your body will react by creating more oils. USE NON-COMEDOGENIC lotions on your face when needed. All lotions that don't clog skin should have this clearly printed on them (Lubriderm, for example).

3.2: Don't touch your face. You've heard it; hear it again.

4. Your face will get oily and uncomfortable while you're out. Sometimes simply wetting a paper towel and wiping down your face can be enough for a quick fix. Lately, I've fallen for Clean & Clear's "Oil Absorbing Sheets." They last a while if you use them sparingly. If you can find a cheaper product, use it, but it seems to be worth it to me. Just wipe and it soaks up the oils on your face. Good for a quick fix to a shiny face while you're out with your friends.

5. Do all that stuff that's good for your body. Yeah, your face is part of your body and if you're unhealthy, it's unhealthy. You've probably heard that the food you eat doesn't have anything to do with your acne. That's half-right. It's not your fault and you probably eat as well as the average person. But you're an acne person--sorry--so you don't have the luxury of ignoring what you put in your body. Everything that goes into your body and everything you do with your body affects you. So eat healthy and get exercise. Exercise gets your blood pumping, oxygenating the skin. Your body functions better and you get toxins out more effectively. As long as you don't sit in your own sweat after working out, it's a win/win.

6. Last step: shower. In the morning, after you exercise, and, just as importantly, right before bed. Sleeping for eight hours in your own bacteria and sweat, rolling around on a greasy pillow--these things clearly don't help you, no matter how much over-the-counter crap you've caked on your face during the night. So wash your hair and shower at night before bed. And do your damn laundry. Clean sheets and pillow cases are a big ol' DUH!

7. Get outside. If you're not taking those acne pills that say you can't go in the sun, you have no excuse. Moderate Sunlight and lots of fresh air are good for your skin. There's a reason Oxy is called Oxy; OXYGEN KILLS ACNE.

This isn't going to be a complete fix for some people, but these are the basic habits to get in and products to have handy.
December 13 2008

Joe Plumber from Detroit

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Mix it all together

OK well, I had been reading about acne cures and most of them were about using things such as salt, bananas, honey, lemon juice, and toothpaste. So i figured that why don't I just mix it all together so here is my recipe.
add together:
1 fresh banana
3 teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon of honey
a few drops of honey
a little bit of toothpaste
once you added it all together, it should create a paste. If there is enough, which there should be, you should create a facial mask and leave the paste on for about 30 minutes and wipe it off with a hot moist washcloth and you skin will turn out softer and the acne will be gone!! its amazing!!
November 20 2008

Jenifer Shaglish from Michigan

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