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78 Home Remedies for Acne

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Hot compress and rest

Eliminate alcohol beverages, always exercise, maintain a strict personal higene practice, always get plenty of rest, and if all that fails, hot compresses..
Avoid creams or detergents for skin care.
excessive cleaning rids your upper epidermis and leaves you vulnerable to infection. Always cleanse with warm water and never scrub. Your flow of applicator should always start at the top of your fase and gently dab downwards..This keeps sweat pores from being damaged and free of bacteria. Always be gentle with your face. Never squeeze pimples. If a big one comes in to roost, run the hot water and use a q tip to apply only the head of the little monster. Do this a few times, you will see miracles. Good luck.
February 21 2010

ben from skokie Ill USA

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Tea Tree Oil For Acne

I use tea tree oil and it works great. Wash face and dab on affected area w/ cotton balls or q-tips. You don't need much, but even if you put too much on it won't dry out skin. Tea Tree kills bacteria so usually after dabbing the oil on, my acne has cleared up by the next day. Also if you have the bad habit of popping zits, make sure you put tea tree on the zit and the skin surrounding it. When you pop zits the bacteria filled pus will just cause more pimples if it gets on your skin, but tea tree will DEFinately keep that from happening since it will kill the bacteria.GOOD LUCK!!
February 10 2010

Anonymous from Seattle, WA

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Clear skin needs internal treatment , not topicals

If you don't want to go the route of antibiotics, a good multi vitamin will work. Most skin lotions don't work because the problem is usually internal which is why antibiotics do so well, so makes sense right.

A good multi vitamin, and folic acid, Zinc in high dose, biotin and b complex and please most important, drink lots of clear water, not tea, no koolade or beer, clear water! At least 2 full glasses a day the least, most people with zits drink carbonated drinks or flavored sugar drinks, limit sugar and go to fruit juice and water, water flushes out toxins from skin, the more you can drink the better.

February 07 2010

Anonymous from watkins in Tennessee

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Peroxide 3% from Drugstore

Look up the success of using Peroxide for acne on your face and body. Peroxide cures so many different problems from ear infections to fungi and etc. I used to have severe acne on my back and it took one week to clear it up 80% with Peroxide, and now its completely gone. Use it everyday or once every other day by patting it on with a cotton ball.
January 26 2010

Tiffany A. from Hollywood, CA

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It works

Blend some lettuce and water to make lettuce juice. Make extra because this is what u will apply to your face. IF not in use refrigerate it and when u take it out add a bit more water because it drys up. Put it in the microwave for about 25 seconds to warm it up so it wont be too cold.


Step 1. Moisten your face with hot/warm water to open up your pores.
Step 2. Apply the blended lettuce onto face, rubbing it in spots where the acne showed up 4 about 2 min.
Step 3. Just w8 for about 1 more min after rubbing in the lettuce juice, wash it off and with hot/warm water.
Step 4. Dry your face with a clean rag or towel.

This should take a couple of days 2 work. MAKE SURE U DO THIS EVERY NIGHT
December 30 2009

The clear 1 from Sacramento California USA

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For Women Only

I have suffered from acne for years and have not been able to figure out why. I tried every single acne medication you can think of. I saw a dermatologist and he wanted to put me on antibiotics for the rest of my life, which i would not do! i ended up asking my gynocologist and one thing women may not know, even if your out of the puberty stage, your hormones have a huge effect on your face. If you suffer from endometriosis (as i do) or from ovarian cysts that actually slows down the estrogen production and promotes more testosterone to be produced which causes the acne. Before you try some crazy remedy which in most cases makes things worse. Check with your gynocologist and make sure everything is ok down there. That could be the cause. Now i only wash my face with white Dove soap and visit my Gyno regulary and my face seems to be fine. If your an acne fighter you will most likely fight this your whole life but, this is what god gave us and just try to keep healthy and thats what really matters.
December 22 2009

Jessica from Florida

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Hand Sanitizer

I am 49 years old and have always had acne on my face. I have tried every product and went to doctors, didn't help, often it made it worse. In June 2008 I read on the internet about trying hand sanitizer to treat acne. I use it after I wash my face, rub in my face for 30 seconds - No Acne since! And it doesn't dry out my skin as other state, I use the one with aloe in it and my face is just fine.
October 17 2009

Natalie from Richmond, VA USA

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Natural home remedie

Witch hazel - it is cheap and can be bought at walmart . Use a cotton ball or q-tip, apply witch hazel at first sighn of pimpel/acne and it will go away very quickly. Apply several times a day.
October 12 2009

teeny from wisconsin

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Hand Sanitizer

I have always struggled with black heads and small bumps on my forehead. One day I decided to use Hand Sanitizer thinking it would kill the bacteria causing these black heads. OMG it works. I have never felt my skin so smooth. I used a face wash, then hand sanitizer, let that set for a couple of mins, then use a non-oil moisturizer (twice a day). I know they say Hand Sanitizer will dry out your face, but make sure to use a moisturizer after words. I swear this works, and wish I would have tried this along time ago.
October 01 2009

Brian from Cleveland, Oh

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Witch Hazel

I use Rose Water Witch Hazel(or regular witch hazel) every night and my skin is flawless now. You can find it at any drugstore....I used the name brand, pricey items for so long before I read the ingredients.....most products have a form of witch hazel in them!
September 18 2009

Carolina Girl from North Carolina

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Neutrogena Acne Wash

From Walmart, or almost anywhere. Quite easy to find. Pimples go away quick, almost overnight when I wash my face with this whenever I think about it, which is about three times per day. I have a bad complexion normally but now it's "peaches and cream"
August 10 2009

Monica from Beaumont, Tx

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Vitamin B

Take some vitamin B, you may be lacking it in your diet which can cause acne!
July 09 2009

CJGonzalez from michigan

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