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78 Home Remedies for Acne

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Lemonsugar/honeyoatmeal moisturizer

You cut a whole lemon and use one half as a scrub. In a seperate bowl sugar and a little bit of watery soap. Very lightly in circular motions scrub the sugar sopay scrub with half the lemon, squeeze out any extra lemon juice. For Moisturizer, MIX honey and oatmeal (usually quick oats) mix real good until all is combined. Apply an even coat and leave on for at least 15 minutes. You can rinse with cold water for pore minimizing results :)
April 11 2016

Liset Ortiz from San Francisco

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Clinique and johnson and johnson

Acne skin = allergy prone-skin. Allergy prone skin loses its ability to fight off opportunistic infections. So, there are two ways I combat this problem - I use salicyclic acid on any spots that appear (I use Alba botanicals), J and J baby shampoo lavender as facial soap, and clinique makeup. If either Johnson and Johnson and Clinique ever disappear, I will be in big trouble.
March 16 2016

Red from San Diego Usa

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Baby shampoo

I started to break out really bad and I have really sensitive skin so I was really worried about using baby shampoo but within 2 days of using the baby shampoo my skin began to clear.
July 07 2014

Lisa from London

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Hand sanitizer!

Wash your face twice daily, then rub hand sanitizer WITH ALOE VERA. It cleared my acne up in two weeks :)
April 12 2014

Anon from Anon

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The rubbing alcohol

Wet a cotton ball with alcohol, then dab it on your acne/pimples! I guarantee that this will work.
April 11 2014

Sareenah from American Samoa

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Use Cetaphil! Its perfect and makes your skin so clear
February 22 2014

Sami from Florida

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All about acne and how to rid it

There are different types of acne and there are different causes.

Diet acne-
Acne caused by diet is usually because there is a slight intolerance to the food you eat and your body is trying to tell you that through seeping out toxins out your face pores.
Stop eating gluten, wheat, and/or dairy. Also meat may cause acne too (depending on the quality of the meat). So cut back on these and your skin will look cleaner and healthier. (This is what works for me.)
If you have uncontrollable acne no matter how much you wash then it would be a good idea to at least try this out for a month.

Stress acne- Take what stresses you out and toss it out the window, and get a stress ball.... or a puppy...

Acne is also caused by bacteria... So use a cleanser to cleanse your face... Use a soft cleanser if you have sensitive skin.

Sometimes it's caused by parasites or Demodex mites... Demodex mites live on the skin of 20 percent to 80 percent of adults. The tiny bugs are invisible to the naked eye. They mate on your face and lay eggs in your pores and eyelash/eyebrow follicles.

If synthetic prescription acne medication is making your skin worse: Use this natural cure:
(((((((This gets rid of acne, external parasites, and bacteria... FRENCH GREEN CLAY. ~!
-put a little french green clay powder in the palm of your hand..
-mix water to clay 1/2:1 to make it malleable.
-apply green clay to your entire face/eyebrows, eyelids...
-Leave it for 5 minutes and wash off.
Repeat a couple times a week.))))))))

If the french green clay doesn't seem to work, then try the diet option. Because there's a reason for everything. Even parasites can be cleansed out of the body if you switch to a more paleo-diet. Which is a diet that tries to mimic the diet of our ancient ancestors..

ACNE was first documented in Ancient Egypt.
Another thing that was first documented in ancient egypt was the BAKING of BREAD with YEAST.
A strong connection between bread and acne is established.

Also, STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE, it spreads bacteria that way <3
January 05 2014

Stephanie from Fl

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Goodbye acne

When I was 17 I started getting acne I tried a lot of products out there in the market (cleaN and clear and proactive ect) my aunt told me to try a cream she bought at a pharmacy it's a product imported for Mexico. It's called Gelmicin just apply it on your face maybe 2 or 3 times a day and I assure you that by the first day of applying it you'll start to notice the difference by the week you should barely have any acne.
My face cleared up by the week and since then I haven't had any acne the cream will leave your skin soft and beautiful.
December 21 2013

The k girl from California

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Raw potato with some baking sodas pulpe
November 03 2013

Chintan from Mumbai

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Best remedy for sensitive skin

My skin is very sensitive and I have found that if I use the harsh stuff, it only works for like 3 days before It stops helping. I switch to another product and the cycle repeats. For acne, spots, things such as these, I suggest clearasil. It is very good and will help your spots be a lot less visible rapidly.
November 03 2013

Anonymus from Anonymus

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Pimple remover

Use Clearasil alcohol wipes on Thor face every day!
October 08 2013

Anomynous from Anomynous

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Baby soap first

32 year old female, moderate acne since late teens. I've tried most over-the-counter washes and remedies, changed my cosmetic routine countless times, and all to no avail.

After running out of my $35 face wash (which didn't help my acne) and unable to purchase more in the near future, I thoughtfully looked at all my on hand options. Thankfully, I had babies that needed "sensitive skin" care. Hence, the baby soap.
This was 3 years ago and I now, happily, deal with the occasional pimple. I boil it down to: -Acne prone skin is "sensitive" -Baby shampoo is designed for the most "sensitive" skin I still use inexpensive moisturizers (which may account for the occasional pimple), but I have switched my cosmetics to Clinique. It's created for "sensitive" skin. Makes sense, right?
September 12 2013

Sensitive Sally from Landlocked

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