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Flu virus
I am one of the common individuals who always seems to have a flu or cold and trust me eventually you learn how to avoid getting the flu and how to cope with the annoying symptoms, especially the sore throat and constant head ache.

The best thing to do is...
From Lima on May 17, 2016

Weight Loss and Obesity
Proper diet and exercise is the only cure for obesity. Unfortunately, this goes for those of us who have a genetic propensity for weight gain. I grew up a fat kid. By the time I graduated from high school I weighed a whopping 315lbs. At 5' 6" tall, I was...
From Dr Ken on May 15, 2016

Sage is a natural intestinal gas eliminator. Sprinkle it generously on your food as you cook. It is delicious and compliments most dishes quite well. Yogurt, with it's live cultures, is also a great gas eliminator. Try your favorite organic, or Greek yogurt for dessert after eating that refried-bean-filled mexican...
From Dr Ken on May 15, 2016

As a sufferer of UC for over 30 years (I had it back when very little was known about it in the medical community) I have used several tactics to keep outbreaks in check. The key is in keeping the colon clear of harmful intestinal bacteria and other impurities.

From Dr Ken on May 15, 2016

Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux control is all about the diet. One should refrain from sugars, carbonated beverages, high acid fruits (lemons) and veg (tomatoes). Alcoholic beverages, too. A high fiber diet is usually recommended, consisting of fruits like bananas and melon, and lots of green leafy veg. If you eat nuts make...
From Dr Ken on May 14, 2016

Mint I'm not against capitalism or profits, but it seems there is almost always a way to remedy a problem without going to a pharmacy or a doctor and most often then not the solution is so simple it makes it hard to believe!
I recently learned that if you have a heartburn, a spoon full of mustard will rid of it in short order! Simple, effective and most importantly, an item you most likely to have in your kitchen/fridge.

Back in the day people (including doctors) knew and shared their knowledge and you will find many such remedies on our website posted by people from all over the world.
Of course common sense should be exercise before trying something for the first time!

Garden Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.
-Mike Adams

Personally, I have notice a huge difference by starting a garden and eating organic veggies that were grown in healthier soil and without pesticides, herbicides and other toxins you don't want in your body. I have a lot more energy and I really enjoy working in my garden! Besides getting fruit and veggies, you also get some much needed exercise.
I also enjoy learning about permaculture and unconventional ways of gardening. Or maybe it's the way it always was, who knows...

If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
If diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
Ancient proverb
Don't forget to submit your favorite remedy that you use often or the one you learned from your grandma, a lot of people do appreciate your help in more ways that you can imagine. For many reasons some people may not have excess to a doctor or a hospital and your information could be an invaluable resource.
I would like to thank all of you who took the time and submit your remedies and contact us with your ideas and support!