Welcome to Midnight Remedies

These pages were created so we all could share remedies that helped us. How often do you wake up at night with a fever, or aches and pains, that you don't know what to do to get immediate relief? Toothaches are the worst! You can't even lay down on the pillow without it aching.

Another example would be insomnia, or sleeplessness. It seems there are more and more people who are having a hard time getting to sleep at night. A friend of ours asked us why he can't sleep at night. His wife goes right off to sleep, and he says he lays there for hours trying to go to sleep!

The Grandparents Remedies

We can also help each other by sharing what has helped us in the past, and we encourage you to vote for remedies that helped you when you run across them. Even remedies that have been passed down from your parents or grandparents will help. My wife has added some remedies to the site that was passed down from her mother and her grandmother. For instance, a remedy for bee stings.
Latest Submissions

  1. Constipation
    (Home Remedy) Stool softeners and laxatives were never reliable which was incredibly frustrating. So I tried warm water with a tbsp of raw honey and it worked...
    From Alli on 05-22-2015

  2. Earache
    (Home Remedy) I found this remedy on here and it worked right away. My 6 year old was in tears over the pain. I put Vicks around...
    From Alicia on 05-20-2015

  3. Constipation
    (Home Remedy) Absolute best home remedy for constipation, even obstipation/impaction is Warm Water and Honey. I had a blockage and NOTHING would move it. I refused to...
    From Everett on 05-19-2015

  4. Swimmers ear
    (Home Remedy) After reading all the posts, I decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide method. I've been waking up on and off for several months with my...
    From JEANNE on 05-19-2015

Running to the Store

There must be ways to get relief without running to the pharmacy at 2 AM. What if your child wakes up with a fever or the flu? What do you do? This has happened to us many times as parents, and we are always seeking immediate relief for our hurting child. Relief may be as simple as a warm cup of milk.

Common Household Remedies

We have an older son that is a teenager, and he always seems to be battling acne, (or pimples as they use to call them in our younger years.) He has tried everything on the market, and still wants us to invest in the miracle products they try to sell you online. Surely there are other ways to combat acne without having to spend a fortune! Other common remedies include ingredients you have in your pantry, like vinegar, garlic, and baking soda.

Herbal Remedies

Many people are also trying herbal remedies. We would like to share with you any information that we find out about the use of herbs too. We started with a page for a health drink called Kombucha Tea. Kombucha Tea is a healthy drink that they have been drinking in Russia for centuries. We'll be adding more articles in the near future about what kind of spices and herbs we are growing in our garden..


This website was created in 2005, but we have recently moved it to a new domain. We picked the domain "Midnight Remedies" because it seems most of our visitors are looking for a remedy when the stores are already closed, and they can't sleep at night. So, Midnight Remedies sounded like a really good fit for our website name. We hope our visitors will continue to help us to build the best online source for healthy remedies." Please take a few minutes to vote, or share your remedy. We would all like to know what has worked for you, and what hasn't worked. Many thanks. Vlad and Carol